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Are We Done Yet?

Ice Cube, Nia Long, John C. McGinley, Aleisha Allen, Philip Bolden, Jonathan Katz, Linda Kash, Alexander Kalugin, Dan Joffre, Tahj Mowry, Pedro Miguel Arce
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Young Lindsey tells realtor Chuck, referring to her would-be sports journalist step-father Nick, "The man almost fainted when our guppy had babies." (0:13)

Chuck, referring to Lindsey's mother Suzanne’s unborn twins: "They say that the move was very traumatic for them...” (0:29)

Suzanne tells Nick, “Oh, honey, I think you’re a little bit stressed out with the move..." (0:31)

Chuck tells Nick, "That's crazy talk."
"Are you afraid of the water?" (0:44)

Nick tells Suzanne, referring to Chuck, "He's an idiot." (0:48)

Bats chase Nick out the house.
Chuck tells him, "Those guys'll drive you batty." (0:49)

Plumber Mike tells Nick, "That is insane!"
Nick: "Insane, huh? Insane sounds expensive." (0:51)

Nick tells Chuck, "I don't know karate, but I know ca-razy."
Chuck: "The good news is that all we need is some therapy... I'm a licensed couples therapist, I am." (1:00)

Nick tells Suzanne, referring to Chuck, "He's the one tearing this family apart."
Suzanne: "He's the one tearing this family apart? You're the one tearing this family apart, Nick."
"With your insane obsession with this house... This house is driving everybody crazy..." (1:04)

Nick's neighbor tells Nick, referring to Chuck, "He lost his wife a few years back around this time of year." (1:12)

Nick faints. (1:21; 1:24)

Which kind of triangle plays the biggest role in this family's dysfunction? The occupation triangle with Nick's magazine? The avocation triangle with Nick's work on the house? The relationship triangle with Chuck?