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Artemis Fowl

Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Josh Gad, Tamara Smart, Nonso Anozie, Josh McGuire, Nikesh Patel, Adrian Scarborough, Colin Farrell, Judi Dench
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The interrogator tells robbery suspect Mulch Diggums, "All I see was that there was some highly unusual seismic activity around Fowl Manor and reports from a crazed fisherman of fairies.” (0:03)

Book on Dr. Po’s desk: "Mindfulness Workbook"
Phrenology bust on bookshelf
Student Artemis Fowl’s record: "Confidential Guidance Counseling Pupil Assessment Folder"
Dr. Po: “Well, firstly, there’s your dear mother, of course, who was a wonderful woman in my opinion, and taken from us far too soon...”
Artemis tells Dr. Po, "It’s because I’m forced to endure this ridiculous therapy." (0:05)

Fairy Commander Julius Root tells Holly, "Officer Short, your orders are to contain that thing until memory wipe arrives." (0:31)

Artemis tells his father Artemis Fowl, Sr., referring to fairies, "They’re trained in arts like telekinesis, hypnosis and mesmerism."
”Humans should wear reflective glasses in order to escape mind control.”
”They’re obsessed with treasure and can’t resist searching for it.” (0:39)

Opal tells Artemis, Sr., "Some said I was mad..." (0:47)

Bodyguard Domovoi dies with Artemis at his side. (1:10)

Artemis, Sr. tells Holly, referring to Beechwood Short, “Your father was a great and dear friend.”
”I’m sorry for your loss.” (1:19)