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Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, John Gielgud, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Jill Eikenberry, Stephen Elliott, Ted Ross, Barney Martin
Liza Minnelli
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Arthur’s uncle Peter tells wealthy playboy Arthur, “We... also understand that you are very drunk, so why don’t we meet again when you're sober?” (0:07)

Prostitute Gloria tells Arthur, “My father raped me when I was 12.” (0:09)

Arthur tells his butler, “Oh Hobson, I’m not going to face my father sober.” (0:14)

Hobson tells Arthur, “Stop being so nervous.” (0:16)

Man tells Hobson, “He... pays his family back by being a stinking drunk.” (0:17)

Arthur’s father Stanford reads newspaper articles referring to Arthur: “Millionaire drunk playboy.” (0:17)

Waitress Linda calls Arthur, “You nut.” (0:32)

Arthur tells the butler, “I’m a little nervous.” (0:42)

His fiancee Susan tells him, “You can get drunk...” (0:47)

Linda tells Arthur, “You're so drunk you can hardly stand up...” (0:53)

Hobson: “Poor drunks do not find love, Arthur. Poor drunks have very few teeth.” (0:57)

Susan tells Arthur, “One of the horses just fainted.” (1:09)

Arthur tells Hobson, “That’s just ‘cause you've never seen me sober.” (1:15)

Arthur tells a man a the bar, “I have to get looped just to walk into my office.”
”So I stayed sober.”
Man: “No, I’m a drunk.” (1:19)

Linda’s customer at the diner tells her, referring to Arthur, “He seems drunk, but he sounds sincere.”
Arthur tells Linda, “I'll try to be sober.” (1:22)

Susan tells Arthur, “You're drunk.” (1:25)

Linda tells the others, referring to Arthur, “He must be nervous.” (1:26)

Arthur tells Linda, “I mean I'm not crazy.” (1:34)

Remake: Arthur (2011)