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Arthur (2011)

Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Greta Gerwig, Jennifer Garner, Geraldine James, Luis Guzmán, Nick Nolte, Christina Jacquelyn Calph
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | cocaine | crack cocaine | heroin
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Police officer: “You’re drunk again Arthur.”
Arthur: “I've remained drunk since our last encounter.” (0:02)

Arthur’s nanny Lillian tells his date Tiffany, referring to Arthur, “He’s got an addictive personality.” (0:06)

Arthur tells Susan, “Well, call me a romantic, but I believe that dating should involve crazy things like talking.” (0:10)

Arthur’s business owner mother Vivienne asks him, “How can you squander your considerable intelligence on idiocy like this?”
Arthur, referring to Susan: “Borderline personality disorder.” (0:12)

Lillian tells Arthur, “It’s the blind leading the drunk.” (0:17)

Arthur: “My mind is racing.”
Tour guide Naomi: ”Darling you don’t want these people to think that you’re some kind of random British pervert.”
Arthur: “No, I’m a very specific British pervert...”
”I’m just a ragged-trousered stranger with a crazy hat.”
Naomi: ”Well, I have to get back to our confused family over there...” (0:19)

Lillian: “Arthur, after you’re married you’re going to have to stop this obsession with random women, you know?” (0:24)

Arthur asks real estate magnate Burt, “Because you’ve lost a lot of blood and you’re disoriented?”
Burt, referring to his daughter Susan, ”You know she once bought a crack house and turned it into a condo.” (0:28)

Susan, referring to Arthur, “Isn’t he mad?”
”Turn around and tell everyone you’re crazy when you’re in love.”
Arthur: ”I go crazy when I’m in love.” (0:31)

Naomi: “Arthur, this is insane.” (0:38)

Naomi and Arthur talk about the losses of her mother and his father. Arthur: “Well, aside from being grief-stricken...” (0:41)

Arthur: “Susan, mentally ill people are spontaneous.”
”You’re a bit drunk.”
”You are very drunk.”
”You’re a sleepy lunatic.” (0:48)

Naomi tells Arthur, “There’s a really sad one where Toad freaks out...” (0:56)

Arthur tells tells Naomi, referring to a man, “He’s clearly a pervert.” (1:10)

Lillian tells Arthur, “One apocalyptic hangover, no job.”
”Hobson, in order to do this I may have to be a little more sober.” (1:02)

James, in AA meeting, “I sold my son’s tricycle so I could score some junk. I was so drunk once I backed my car over my mother outside Walgreen. 37 days sober...”
Arthur: “Whoa, this is depressing.”
Lillian: “My name is Lillian, and I’m an alcoholic.”
”... but I can’t remember anything about it...” (1:03)

Naomi’s book cover: “MADhattan. Crazy Secret Stories of New York” (1:12)

Lillian tells Vivienne, referring to Arthur, “Look, he has attempted gainful employment, and he even went to AA.” (1:14)

Arthur realizes Lillian has died, grieves. (1:28)

Arthur tells chauffeur Bitterman, “Well, that’s it. I’m going to drown myself.” He slips under the water. (1:30)

Arthur tells chauffeur Bitterman, “I’m a bit drunk.” (1:31)

Naomi: “You’re wasted Arthur.” (1:39)

Arthur speaks at an AA meeting. “But, I’ve made amends with my mother now, as much as you can make amend with a dragon... I’m six months clean today. This is the most I’ve ever valued a coin.” (1:40)

Book covers: “MadHattan, Crazy Secret Stories of New York” (1:42)

A girl asks Arthur, “Do you mean drugs?”
Girl: “Meth?”
Boy: “Crack?” (1:43)

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