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Arthur Newman

Emily Blunt, Colin Firth, Anne Heche, David Andrews, Sterling Beaumon, Kristin Lehman, Lucas Hedges, Steve Coulter
morphine | crack cocaine
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A motorist tells a woman in his car, “You stole my car, you... crazy...” (0:10)

Floor manager Wallace’s wife asks someone by telephone, “You know what’s crazy?” (0:11)

Wallace asks the physician, “Overdosed on what?”
Physician: “Tussionex. It’s a morphine-based cough syrup, a very powerful narcotic.” (0:15)

Thief Mike tells golf pro Arthur her mother “Killed herself.”
”I have a twin sister in a loony bin.” (0:36)

Mike smokes a crack pipe. (0:49)

Mike tells Arthur, “My mom was a paranoid schizophrenic Arthur, and so is my sister.” (0:53)

Joking golfer: “It’s driving me nuts.” (0:57)

Mike tells Arthur, “I’ve told you all about the insanity in my family...”
”I think Wallace Avery is in serious denial...” (1:05)

Mike asks Arthur, “How am I supposed to take care of a lunatic. Look at me. I’m practically certifiable myself.” (1:11)

A detective tells Arthur, “You have feelings for a klepto, mister.” (1:15)

Arthur tells Mike, referring to deceased truck driver Beaureguard, “He... went to Alcoholics Anonymous. (1:19)

Mike walks into a psychiatric hospital. She finds her sister sitting in a day room. (1:26)