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Article 99

Kiefer Sutherland, Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker, John C. McGinley, Rutanya Alda, Lea Thompson.
morphine | phencyclidine
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Veteran Pat Travis tells his wife Ann, "Don’t worry about anything." (0:01)

Cemetery (0:02, 0:57, 0:59, 1:23)

Travis tells another veteran in a wheelchair, referring to cigarette smoking, "I quit." (0:03)

Woman; "... we can’t approve your eligibility until we have complete proof of your disability."
: ”... we have no actual proof that you are disabled.” (0:04)

Surgeon Dr. Richard Sturgess tells intern/resident Felix, "We can apologize to him once he comes out of the anesthetic."
Felix faints. (0:09)

Surgeon Dr. Henry Dreyfoos: "Stop panicking, Leo."
Dr. Leo Krutz: ”This excludes half our patients.” (0:10)

Veteran “Shooter” Polaski tells Pat Travis, "They call it posttraumatic stress or some bullshit."
Travis reads: ”However, as the diagnosed condition cannot be specifically related to your military service, treatment is not available at this time.” (0:13)

Dr. Rudy Bobrick: "Got another looney on the loose." (0:15)

Psychiatrist Dr. Diana Walton, by telephone: "Yes, Denise, I’m admitting a Mr. Tenabe as a voluntary psychiatric patient."
Walton tells the others, ”This is psychiatric.”
An administrator answers Walton, ”It’s probably just another patient going berserk.” (0:17)

Sturgess tells Shooter, "That makes me even crazier than you."
”Fine, would you like some shock treatments?” (0:19)

Dreyfoos: "Who was that maniac with the gun?"
Krutz: ”Upstairs in psychiatric.”
Dreyfoos: ”We’re not responsible for every lunatic out there just because he once wore our uniform.” (0:24)

Sturgess tells Luther, "Don’t worry." (0:28)

Morgan tells Dr. Robin Van Dorn, "I panicked, and I freaked out." (0:28)

Dr. Sid Handleman asks Sturgess, "What are you so worried about Travis for?" (0:30)

Walton tells Sturgess, "You made me look like a complete idiot."
”What are you doing here in psych anyway?”
”I ran a substance abuse center.”
Sturgess: ”Substance abuse?”
”How many emergency rooms have you been in at 3:30 in the morning with some zonked out guy on PCP coming at you with a bottle?”
Walton: ”What do you use as an anesthetic, the electric chair?” (0:33)

A researcher tells Dreyfoos, "The chimps are becoming flaming neurotics" (0:35)

Sturgess tells Morgan, "Don’t worry about it..." (0:37)

Sturgess tells Dreyfoos, "I thought it’d be good to start using anesthesia during operations, don’t you?"
Dreyfoos: ”I operate this hospital in the best interest of our patients, not some hotshot doctor with an ego problem.”
Sturgess: ”Now, you think the priorities are cutting the budget and trimming costs, instead of easing the suffering and the anxiety of the people that this place was built for.” (0:43)

By telephone: "Yes, Dr. Walton in psychiatric... "
Walton asks Sturgess, ”Do you always talk like a complete idiot?” (0:46)

Nurse Amelia Sturdeyvant tells another nurse, "Mr. Ponzini died two days ago, you idiot." (0:47)

Van Dorn tells Morgan, "All you have to do is stop by here for a couple of years, and practice on some poor, beaten-down bastards who can’t go to a malpractice attorney every time you screw up."
Morgan: ”Look, I don’t know if you’ve got me confused with a patient...” (0:49)

Abrams tells Morgan, "Idiots made a mistake."
”Use the Alzheimer’s scam.” (0:50)

Sturgess tells a masked doctor or nurse, "Give him a milligram of morphine..." (0:52)

Sturgess tells Walton, "So you left substance abuse for this, huh?" (0:54)

Sturgess asks Walton, "Was last night, like, just good therapy?"
Walton: ”Look, we were both pretty stressed out last night.”
”If all you needed was human contact, then you could have gone to an AA meeting.” (0:57)

Abrams tells Morgan, "All the girls went crazy over me..."
Referring to his wife: ”She died about ten years ago.”
”I was kind of worried about you, kid...” (0:59)

Sturgess tells Travis, "Don’t you worry about a thing." (1:04)

Sturgess asks Bobrick, "Yeah, but when was the last time anyone down here brought an action for malpractice, huh?"
”The only thing is a lot of people are down here as a result of malpractice” (1:04)

Sturgess tells Walton, "I’m burnt out..."
”I don’t need to be analyzed now.” (1:11)

Did Abrams kill himself? (1:14)

Burial of Sam Abrams in cemetery (1:14)

Dreyfoos drives through the cemetery. (1:21)

News reporter: "The veterans, along with doctors and nurses and other medical volunteers who support them, seem to be in no mood for compromise" (1:25)

Inspector General: "We don’t want to act out a Rambo here now." (1:26)