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Mickey Rourke, Nat Wolff, Emma Roberts, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Dunn, Zachary Knighton, Michael Lerner
Ernest Hemingway | methamphetamine | methylphenidate | Ritalin
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Teacher Mr. Mark tells his class, “I look at all of you, and I think, ‘What is this generation?’ a bunch of Ritalin addicted porn freaks who are probably sociopaths.”
Student Ed: ”Hemingway.”
”Don’t add homophobe to idiot, Valchek, okay?”
”Ed, what themes are important to Hemingway?”
”... drinking and driving, I mean, just crazy stuff quite frankly... because his mom made him wear dresses.” (0:01)

Mark: “It is to put down your Candy Crush and your commitment to narcissism...” (0:07)

His neighbor, terminally ill former CIA assassin Ashby tells Ed, “Driving with a couple shots in you; it’s a skill.” (0:10)

His student friend Eloise tells Ed, referring to football players, “I’m, uh, studying their brains, after football hits, you know how it jumbles up your brain...”
Ed: “Most people are idiots.” (0:11)

By video conference his father tells Ed, “The Italian thing is going crazy down here.” (0:12)

Ed tells Ashby, “... like if you gave bribes or sex or drugs... that’d be great...”
Ashby visits gravestones in a cemetery. (0:13)

Ed’s realtor mother June tells Ashby, “Bit embarrassing, trying to show a client a beautiful Georgian and then instead bringing them to a crack house.” (0:19)

Ashby tells Ed, “If I wasn’t, I’d be crazy.” (0:24)

Ed: “I’m confused.” (0:27)

Student Eloise asks Ed, “Are you from Architectural Digest?”
”Because you seem to be obsessed with my house.” (0:29)

Eloise tells Ed how her mother died. (0:30)

Teacher: “This weekend read Catcher in the Rye, the story of a spoiled, whiny narcissist with quite appropriate self-loathing.” (0:41)

June tells the others, “I feel so drunk with excitement...” (0:50)

Ashby: “Ed, don’t rationalize being a victim.”
Ed: “That means I could project the idea that you were a nice person onto you.”
Ashby: “Like how you project onto your daddy?” (0:52)

By telephone Ed tells Ashby, referring to Ashby’s daughter, “She OD’d...” (0:54)

Ed tells Eloise, “Look, I was really drunk...” (0:56)

Ed tells the other football players, “It’s a neurolinguistic thing.” (1:01)

Eloise tells football player Valchek, “Go ahead, so then we can use your brain scans to see what a sociopath looks like.” (1:02)

Her friend Jerry asks June, “Does that freak you out?” (1:05)

Ashby tells Ed, “Well, first of all you’ve gotta stop bitchin’ like a damn sheep on crystal meth...”
Referring to Eloise: ”You gotta make amends with the girl.” (1:09)

By telephone Ed tells Eloise, “... I wanted to make amends to you.” (1:13)

Ed tells Ashby, “You’re a liar and a psychopath...” (1:18)

Ed tells Eloise, “I like you so much... it makes me smile like an idiot... while an orchestra plays the theme from Harold and Maude.” (1:19)

Businessman Entwhistle tells Ashby, referring to one of the men Ashby killed, “Maybe he was a pedophile...” (1:28)

Burial of Ashby in the cemetery next to his wife and daughter. (1:35)