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Assassin of Youth

Luana Walters, Arthur Gardner, Fay McKenzie, Michael Owen Morris, Dorothy Short, Dorothy Vaughan, Earl Dwire, Fern Emmett, Henry Roquemore
marijuana | hashish
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His editor asks reporter Art, “Remember that old lady that was killed by what was called a marijuana-crazed youth?” (0:01)

Partier: “Marijuana weed cigarette. Didn’t you ever smoke ’em?”
Woman: “I haven’t got any more reefers.” (0:07)

Editor tells Art, “Find out if marijuana is playing any part in the lives of the young people. Here are pictures of... known peddlers.”
Title: ”... marijuana menace... dreaded weed.”
Narrator: “Marijuana dates back as far as 1090 AD... intoxicated with hashish, known to us as marijuana... in the minds of addicts... 125 were addicts of marijuana... were addicts of marijuana.”
”She jumped. A plain case of suicide, coroner.”
”Suicide to almost everyone, but to me it’s murder by marijuana.”
A murder defendant describes psychosis in which he believed he had to kill be killed. Might a jury find him not guilty by reason of insanity? (0:16)

Art tells Joan’s drug dealer cousin Linda, referring to Joan, “Maybe it’s her instinct.” (0:22)

Art picks up and smokes a joint he found on the floor. (0:24)

A drug dealer stuffs joints in a flashlight. (0:24)

Linda sells joints to the girls. They light and smoke them. (0:25)

Art tells a partier, “Give me a reefer.” (0:30)

Art fakes alcohol intoxication. Linda gives him a joint and lights it for him. She passes joints out to the other partiers. (0:42)

The doctor tells Joan’s mother, referring to Joan’s sister Marge, “Your daughter is a psychopathic case. She is on the verge of insanity. She has marked symptoms of drug addiction, and I strongly believe she has been using marijuana.”
”A cigarette made out of a narcotic weed.” (0:48)

Art: “Well, I recognized one of them as a narcotics peddler.” (0:49)

Jack tells Joan, “Oh, you mean reefers.”
Linda sells joints to the others. Jack lights Joan’s joint. (0:50)

Judge George asks Joan, “Is it also true that on a previous occasion you were in a state of intoxication? (1:03)

Art reads the newspaper story to the court: “'Marijuana, the Assassin of Youth'... Why at this very moment this courtroom is filled with smokers of this terrible weed.” (1:09)