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Asylum (1972)

Peter Cushing, Britt Ekland, Herbert Lom, Barry Morse, Barbara Parkins, Robert Powell, Charlotte Rampling, Sylvia Syms, Richard Todd
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Psychiatrist Dr. Rutherford tells psychiatrist Dr. Martin, “Your background qualifies you to set up a fashionable psychiatric practice... This is an asylum for the incurably insane.”
Martin: “Insight.”
Rutherford: ”Dr. Star is a patient.”
Martin: “Working with the mentally disturbed can lead to a breakdown.”
Rutherford: “A new personality seems to have taken over...”
Martin: “Hysterical two.” (0:03)

Martin tells Max, referring to patient Bonnie, “Paranoid psychosis. How did she come to the asylum?” (0:29)

Nurse Higgins tells Barbara, “Only a sedative dear.” (0:55)

Higgins tells Barbara’s brother George, referring to Barbara, “I put her to bed under sedation.” (0:56)

Barbara swallows some of her pills. (0:57)

Lucy pours powder into George’s tea. She tells Barbara, “I’ve got some of the sedative they had for you. Put it in his tea.
B: “Just a touch of nerves.” (1:03)

Barbara swallows more of her pills. She tells Lucy, “I can’t help it.” (1:06)

When Barbara looks in the mirror we see the reflection of Lucy. (1:11)

Neurosurgeon patient Dr. Byron tells Martin, referring to Rutherford, “Occupational therapy, he called it.” (1:15)

Rutherford tells Martin, “Take a man like Byron. You think you could rid him of his delusions?”
”Byron is hopelessly insane.”
”There’s only one way to remove Byron’s hallucinations.”
Martin: “Prefrontal lobotomy.”
”Do you believe that surgery is a substitute for psychiatry?” (1:16)

Martin tells Rutherford, “These patients are badly in need of proper therapy.” (1:22)