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Asylum (2005)

Natasha Richardson, Sean Harris, Marton Csokas
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Stella, wife of newly installed deputy superintendent psychiatrist Max, watches through bars as nurses restrain a screaming patient. (0:08)

Patient Edgar meets with psychiatrist Peter.
Edgar: "You've cured me."
Peter: "Of what exactly?"
Edgar: "Severe personality disorder with features of morbid jealousy." Superintendent Jack tells Peter, "The home office will be apoplectic." (0:31)

Stellas husband, psychiatrist Max tells Peter, "You're fixated." (0:33)
Peter: "Spare us the grandiosity." (0:33)

Stellas son Charlie drowns. His funeral in the cemetery. (1:12)

Max tells Stella, "... and it will be replaced by devastating grief." (1:15)

Peter escorts Stella, now a patient herself, into the locked ward, has her swallow an unidentified drug, then injects her with another drug. (1:16)

In a session Stella tells Peter, "It was all an obsession." (1:20)

Session: Peter and Stella
Peter: "Would you like a drink?" He proposes that she live with him. Peter gives Stella a ring that belonged to his mother. (1:25)

Peter tells Stella,referring to Edgar, "Might be useful for his recovery to see you've moved on..." (1:27)

Stella jumps to her death. (1:32)

Max visits Charlie's grave next to that of Stella. (1:33)