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Asylum (R D Laing)

R.D. Laing, Leon Redler, David Bell, Julia
R. D. Laing | Erich Fromm
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"In recent years there has been a growing movement to reappraise our traditional ways of thinking about mental illness and mental health. One expression of this trend is a small community in London were a three-man camera crew lived for six weeks to make this film. The community continues and develops the work of Kingsley Hall, the experimental community founded in London in 1965 by the British psychoanalyst and author, R. D. Lang and his colleagues in the Philadelphia Association."
R. D. Laing: "If you're interviewing a patient in a mental hospital ward... a number of us who were working as psychiatrists in mental hospitals became increasingly dissatisfied with the setting of the mental hospital as a place to work." (0:00)

Patient David's talk appears to reveal thought disorder including verbigeration. (0:10)

A male psychiatrist tells a female patient in group psychotherapy, "There're some people who are here because they... mental hospital."
Patient Michael: "So what I need is a therapist..." (0:13)

Male psychiatrsit speaks into telephone, referring to patient Julia: "She's been presenting herself as about 3-4 months old." (0:18)

David screams unintelligibly, babbles incoherently. (0:19)

Female psychotherapist Wendy in group session talks to patient Jamie. (0:24)

Group psychotherapy. Patient Francis (?) tells patient Jamie: "You're a sort of syndrome Jamie." (0:27)

David in group psychotherapy session. (0:31)

Patient Jamie's father, referring to Jamie, "... to see Dr. McLachlan, who is his old psychiatrist..."
"... to build up his ego..." (0:38)

Laing: "... into states of panic or harm or anxiety... provision of an asylum... a safe place to be... see people in town for analysis or psychotherapy... get tranquilizers..." (0:47)

Bottles of medication on a shelf. (0:50)

Patient Richard says, "I go to see Dr. Leo... in psychiatry..." (0:52)

Female staff (?) member: "I went into a depression... I heard of R. D. Laing. I read[amazon B000S348C0 inline]and[amazon 039471475X inline]." (0:53)

Group psychotherapy. (0:55)

David in group psychotherapy. (1:00)

Male psychotherapist, referring to David: "There were many names that he seemed to give parts of himself." (1:05)

Books stacked in David's room: Fromm: "[amazon B000HDOTG6 inline]."
Male psychotherapist in psychotherapy group: "to have therapy with..." (1:08)

Group psychotherapy. Psychotherapist: "We're trying to discuss it on what could be called a psychological level."
Michael: "I don't want him to go to a mental hospital..." (1:16)

Psychotherapist talks to David about his "lady of the house" and "little boy."
"You've not been acting in an entirely sane fashion buddy, the usual definition of insanity." (1:22)