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Atlantic City

Burt Lancaster, Susan Sarandon, Kate Reid, Michel Piccoli, Hollis McLaren, Robert Joy, Al Waxman, Robert Goulet, Wallace Shawn, Cec Linder, Sean McCann
cocaine | psilocin | psilocybin
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Numbers man Lou, from his apartment, watches Sally dressing, through her window. (0:01, 0:50)

Her sister Chrissie tells server Sally Matthews, "Boy, did they have some dynamite mushrooms. Even the cows were wrecked." (0:08)

Sally’s ex-husband Dave shows a bag of cocaine to numbers man Fred. Fred snorts some. (0:20)

Fred tells Dave, "You look like a training poster for the narc squad." (0:24)

Dave cuts the cocaine with “Italian baby laxative.”
Dave asks Lou, ”Could you stash this for me?” (0:28)

Lou sells cocaine to a man who then snorts some. (0:41)

Lou tells Sally, "Don't worry about it." (0:46)

Lou cuts and weighs cocaine. (0:53)

Lou tells Sally, "I watch you." (1:06)

Lou packages cocaine. (1:13)

Chrissie answers Sally, "To sell some dope."
”There's nothing wrong with dope, and dope belongs to the whole world.” (1:14)

Sally tastes the cocaine left in Lou’s scale. (1:15)

Sally tells Lou, "If I'm gonna get beat up for money and drugs, I want that money and drugs on me."
”You're like Dave gone senile.” (1:20)

Her instructor tell Sally, referring to a gambler, "If he loses, he'll be too depressed to do anything."
Sally tells a security guard, referring to Lou, ”He's the one pushing drugs.” (1:21)

Sally tells a bus driver, referring to Lou, "He's not right in the head."
”He needs his medication.” (1:23)

Television reporter: "Fear and confusion now reside in the otherwise peaceful resort..." (1:28)

Lou tells Sally he was in jail for a charge of "Drunk and disorderly" (1:32)

By telephone, Grace asks Lou, "You going soft in the head?" (1:35)

Sally tells Lou, "I know it sounds crazy." (1:37)