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Au Hasard Balthazar

Anne Wiazemsky, Francois Lafarge, Philippe Asselin, Nathalie Joyaut, Walter Green, Jean Claude Guilbert, Pierre Klossowski
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Marie's hoodlum lover Gérard asks drunkard Arnold, “Doubt that a drunken madman like you could murder someone and not remember it?” (0:41)

Marie's childhood friend Jacques Arnold asks, "Can one be held responsible for a crime one commits involuntarily but forgets out of nervous shock or due to alcohol? The conscious gives way to the subconscious."
Marie's farmer father: "Even to the unconscious." Arnold suffers from a hangover: “By Mary, Jesus Christ her son and all the saints, I swear to never touch another drop.” (0:46)

A bar maid asks Arnold, “Leaving in mid-season -- are you crazy?” (0:47)

Marie tells her mother, referring to Gérard, “If he asked me to, I’d kill myself for him.”
Gérard asks Arnold, “Not going mad? Drink up, you retard.” (1:00)

Her mother tells Marie, referring to Marie's ailing father, “The grief will kill him.” (1:02)

Marie tells Jacques, “But, what an awakening, enough to drive you mad.” (1:18)

Marie’s mother tells the priest, referring to Marie's father, “He’s in despair.” Depression?
Marie's father dies. (1:25) .