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Autism: A Call to Action

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Educational psychologist Jim Roan talks about assessement and autism. (0:01)

"BI Capture is a new online technology... It is a video-based system which records a child's behavior... making diagnosis and assessment easier... problems with sensory motor skills... sensory integration dysfunction." (0:02)

"Therapeutic brushing" (0:03)

Ian Grey, Trinity College: Applied Behavior Analysis (0:04, 0:14)

Dr. Stanley Greenspan: DIR Model/Floortime (0:05)

Kay Cederman, speech and language therapist (0:07)

Dr. Alan Cheytor-Grubb, nutritionist (0:08)

Marc De Salvo, Irish Autism Action (0:13)

Dr. Caroline Ward, Autism Treatment Center
Magaret Lennon, parent: Mercury toxicity, chelation therapy. (0:17)

Ceiran Kennedy, Irish Progressive Association for Autism (0:18)

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Autism: The Lion in the Room