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Autism: The Lion in the Room

Risperdal | risperidone
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Young man: “I can be around people, and I’m nervous... I had a good teacher... She noticed that I could be autistic with Asperger’s syndrome.”
Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger's, Attention Deficit Disorder
Ian Grey, Trinity College
Margaret Lennon
Annette and Colm O’Carolan, parents (0:02)

Dr. Alan Cheytor-Grubb, nutritionist (0:03)

Jim Roan, educational psychologist
Cieran Kennedy, Irish Progressive Association for Autism (0:04)

Olive Healy, behavioral specialist
Annette and Colm O’Carolan: “... because she wanted him on Risperdal, a schizophrenic medication.” (0:05)

Dr. Caroline Ward: Autism Treatment Center
Marc De Salvo, Irish Autism Action (0:06)

Mercury poisoning, vaccines (0:08)

Ian Grey on Applied Behavior Analysis
Dr. Stanley Greespan: DIR Model/Floortime (0:11)

Kay Cederman, Speech & Language Therapist (0:12)

Roan: “Any therapy, pretty much, is better than no therapy.” (0:13)

Donnacha Begley, parent
Dierdre Muldoon: Early Language Intervention (0:14)

Kathy Sinnott, Minister of Parliament, Ireland: politics and government (0:16)

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Autism: A Call to Action