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Jack Lemmon, Juliet Mills, Clive Revill, Edward Andrews, Gianfranco Barra, Franco Angrisano
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Executive Wendell Armbruster, Jr. tells a customs agent, referring to Armbruster's father, "He was killed in an automobile accident in Ischia." (0:07)

Wendell tells hotel director Carlo Carlucci, "Crazy." (0:16)

Carlucci tells Wendell, "Decisions, pressures, anxieties..."
Carlucci quotes Wendell’s father: ”What an idiot I am to go back to that rat race.” (0:18)

Pamela Piggott, daughter of Wendell’s father’s lover Catherine, tells Wendell, "Please, don't worry about me." (0:27)

Carlucci tells Wendell, "Don't worry." (0:31)

Wendell tells Pamela, "Don't worry about the hotel register." (0:35)

Wendell: "If you ask me, Carlucci, any foreigner who dies in Italy is out of his freaking skull." (0:42)

Wendell, referring to Pamela: "That sentimental idiot."
”... she's off her rocker.” (0:51)

By telephone, Wendell tells his wife Emily, "We certainly don't want any hysterics with television and everything." (0:52)

Pamela tells Wendell, "I'm under orders of my psychiatrist."
Wendell: ”Oh, you got a psychiatrist.”
Pamela: ”He's got me on a diet and pills and self-hypnosis and sleep therapy.”
Pamela: ”I'm going to hypnotize myself...”
Wendell: ”Ms. Piggott, this is no time to be stubborn or selfish.” (0:56)

Wendell tells Pamela, "I don't want you to think I'm stuffy or uptight... Did you ever hear of Oh! Calcutta!? I've seen it twice, and Carnal Knowledge, too." (1:20)

Pamela asks Wendell, "When I found out, would you believe I tried to commit suicide?"
”... tried to eat myself to death.” (1:25)

Carlucci towels Wendell, "... not to worry." (1:31)

Pamela answers Wendell: "My psychiatrist." (1:36)

Movie posters: "La Via Del Rhum, Si Può Fare... Amigo. Love Story" (1:42)

Carlucci tells Wendell, "Don't worry."
”Is it because you are in mourning?” (1:46)

My telephone, Pamela tells Emily, "You needn't be worried one bit..." (1:57)

Wendell, by telephone: "Don't worry about it, Carlucci." (2:05)

Burial of Armbruster, Sr. and Catherine Piggott in a cemetery (2:17)