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The Aviator (2004)

Howard Hughes
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While bathing him his mother quizzes young Howard Hughes about diseases. She tells him, “You are not safe.” (0:01)

Howard tells his assistant Noah, “Now what I choose to do with that money may seem crazy...” (0:03)

One film barron tells another, referring to Howard, “He’s out of his mind.” (0:07)

Actor Errol: “You are somewhere Howard, you madman.” (0:36)

Howard explains to actress Kate the need for cellophane on the airplane steering wheel. Bacillophobia or misophobia? (0:37) 

Kate tells Howard, “When my brother killed himself there were photographers at the funeral.”
Howard: “I get these ideas, these, uh, crazy ideas, about, uh, things that may not, uh, things that may not really be there.”
“Sometimes I truly fear that I’m losing my mind.” (0:50)

Howard refuses to hand a towel to a crippled man, washes franticly. (0:57)

Kate tells Howard, “I’m an idiot. I’m a complete idiot.” (0:57)

Howard: “Don’t you get all hysterical on me, Noah...” (1:16)

Howard asks Noah, “Are you recording this conversation?” Paranoia? (1:20)

Howard washes his hands until they bleed, then his shirt, but cannot leave the bathroom for fear of germs on the restroom doorknob. (1:27)

Howard worries the janitor might be a spy. He tells assistant Odie, “Fire him.”
”... it’s gonna do me no good if you crack up on me.”
”Show me all the blueprints.” He continues to repeat himself, unable to stop. (1:37)

Howard: “Aphids are just awful creatures.” Acarophobia, entomophobia(1:51)

Actress Ava confronts Howard about spying on her. “Everyone told me you’re a... lunatic...” (1:54)

Howard: “I need to sleep.” He obsesses about how to drink milk from a bottle. (2:04)

Howard repeats himself then dictates detailed instructions how to bring him milk. “Come in with the milk.” He repeats. (2:09)

Howard recoils from airline magnate Juan’s pipe smoke coming through the key hole. (2:13)

Howard uses tissue to protect his hands from everything he touches. He tells Ava, “You’re in the germ free zone...”
“I see things.”
”Does that look clean to you?”
Ava: “You’re too crazy for me.” (2:18)

Howard worries about waiters watching him. He starts repeating, “The way of the future.” (2:40)