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Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Julie Kavner, Ruth Nelson, John Heard, Penelope Ann Miller, Max von Sydow, Alice Drummond, Judith Malina, Barton Heyman
Oliver Sacks | levodopa | cocaine | dopamine | Sigmund Freud | Robin Williams
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Orderly Anthony tells neurologist Malcolm, "You see doctor we've got... Tourette's syndrome... Parkinson's disease..."
Patient Mr. King tells Malcolm, "Prior to... I resided the Brooklyn Psychiatric Center..." (0:08)

Malcolm conducts mental status examination of patient Lucy. He types, "Dementia of unknown origin.
"Unresponsive." (0:11)

Malcolm reads from a patient chart: "Atypical Schizophrenia."
Nurse Eleanor reads from another chart: "Atypical hysteria this one." (0:21)

Patient Leonard's mother tells Malcolm, "... and he'd be sitting at his desk in a trance." (0:29)

Malcolm supervises Leonard's electroencephalogram. (0:30) 

Malcolm asks Eleanor, "Have you heard of a drug called l-dopa?"
"It's a synthetic dopamine."
Eleanor: "It's for Parkinson's patients." (0:39)

Numerous references to Parkinson's disease occur throughout the rest of the film. Lecturer tells his audience, "By administering l-dopa..."
Malcolm asks the lecturer, "Do you think l-dopa would help the situation?" (0:40)

Neurologist Kaufman tells Malcolm, "Well you know Freud believed in miracles, prescribing cocaine like it was candy... until our patients went psychotic, and now it's l-dopa? (0:41)

Malcolm tells his audience, "This is a gross impairment of... autonomic dysfunction... not to be confused with apathy or catatonia." (1:04)

Malcolm tests Lucy's orientation: "What year is it?"
Lucy: "It's '26 silly." (1:10)

Malcolm tells the pharmacist, "I don't know whether this is... mania." (1:25)

Psychiatrist Nora asks Leonard, "Mr. Lowell, are you at all aware of the unconscious hostility you're exhibiting toward us right now?" (1:26)

Malcolm tells Leonard's mother, "Because he was catatonic Mrs. Lowe." (1:30)

Kaufman tells Malcolm, referring to Leonard, "His tics and his paranoia."
Malcolm: "That's not paranoia."
Kaufman: "The fact is doctor that I've got 20 psychotics..." (1:31)

Malcolm: "Leonard, every patient on this ward thinks there's a plot against him."
"The drug's not working... side effects..." (1:33)

Malcolm tells the staff, "He's acquired some tics." (1:38)

Malcolm tells Lucy, "You're having an oculogyric crisis." (1:43)

Did Leonard suffer from a Catatonic Disorder Due to a General Medical Condition or no mental disorder at all? Was Nora's question about "unconscious hostility" useful or even appropriate under the circumstances?