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Away from Her

Julie Christie, Gordon Pinsent, Olympia Dukakis, Michael Murphy, Kristen Thomson, Alberta Watson, Stacey LaBerge, Deanna Dezmari, Wendy Crewson, Thomas Hauff
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Fiona tells her husband Grant, “I expect I’m just losing my mind.” (0:04)

Fiona tells Grant, “Don’t be nervous.” (0:08)

Mental status examination of Fiona (0:10)

Fiona reads to Grant: “Should the patient afflicted with the disease remain at home the caregiver will very often be the spouse... must put up sometimes with deranged... insults... must be able to diagnose a wide variety of ordinary ailments...” (0:14)

When Grant find Fiona after she has lost her way while skiing, she fails to recognize him. (0:17)

Grant tells Fiona, “If we do think of it... a kind of experimental treatment...” (0:19)

Nursing home supervisor Madeleine tells Grant, “You know the rooms on the regular floors all have their own stereo systems, so the patients can listen to whatever they like.” (0:24)

Fiona tells Grant, “I was going to go for a ski, but I thought I shouldn’t chance it, what with the Alzheimer’s and all.” (0:29)

Fiona tells Grant, referring to Veronica, “Girls that age are always going around saying they’re going to kill themselves.” (0:33)

Grant tells managing nurse Kristy, “I’ve been told that Alzheimer’s can’t be confirmed until after...”
”And isn’t the short-term memory the thing that goes first?”
Kristy: “Well, yeah, but not all at once, and what’s comforting is the long-term memory sometimes stays for quite a long time.”
Grant: “Yeah, her long-term memory seems quite intact.” (0:40)

Grant reads: “Throughout much of the thinking brain gooey plaques now crowd neurons from outside the cell membranes, and knotty tangles mangle microtubal transports from inside the cells. All told, tens of millions of synapses dissolve away... precise location of neuronal loss determines what specific abilities will become impaired.” (0:43)

Fiona tells Grant, referring to fellow resident Aubrey, “He doesn’t confuse me. He doesn’t confuse me at all.” (0:59)

Aubrey’s wife Marian asks Grant, referring to cigarette smoking, “What, did you never, or did you quit?”
Marian: ”I quit quitting, just made a resolution to quit quitting... So your wife’s depressed, huh?” (1:07)

Grant tells Kristy, referring to Fiona, “... she was in a good mood.”
”It’s curious...”
”... all of that madly in love business...” (1:08)

A young visitor characterizes the home to Grant as “... depressing...” (1:10)

Madeleine tells Grant, referring to the residents, “They’ve got short memories...” (1:13)

Grant reads to Fiona: “Only the mad will never, never come back...” (1:18)