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Awful Nice

Alex Rennie, James Pumphrey, Christopher Meloni, Brett Gelman, Keeley Hazell, Charlie Sanders, Josh Fadem, Laura Ramsey
Ray Charles | alprazolam | Xanax
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Dave tells his author brother Jim, referring to their father's death, "That's nuts. When's the funeral?" (0:01)

Jim tells Dave, "You look like an idiot." (0:05)

Dave asks Jim's wife Michelle, referring to their son Max, "Is he autistic?"
Jim and Dave's mother: "No, he doesn't have autism."
Dave: "Like, when they're autistic, it's like they get tired..."
Mom: "Are you crazy?"
Jim: "I’m crazy." (0:07)

Dave tells Jim, "... I just get like hypnotized and just black out." (0:14)

Jim answers Dave: "... 'cause you're a crazy person." (0:33)

By telephone Jim's wife tells him, referring to Dave, "He's just gonna make you crazy..." (0:34)

Dave asks Jim, "What if you're like Wyatt Earp's, like, wife, who's addicted to cough syrup?" (0:37)

Dave asks waitress Petra, "Are those mood rings?" (0:41)

Dave tells Jim, "Ray Charles." (0:43)

Brother: "You smell like an idiot."
Brother: "I don't smell like an idiot."(0:43)

Dave tells Jim, "That time I went to rehab." (0:47)

Dave tells Jim, "That's just an instinct, alright?" (0:51)

Dave tells Jim and their old friend Lauren, "It was pretty crazy..."
Jim: "He's an idiot."
Lauren: "That's crazy." (0:53)

Dave tells Jim, "I bet Dad's will though, you... moron." (0:54)

Dave calls Jim, "... pervert." (0:55)

Dave tells Jim, "Tranquilizers."
"Yeah, they're tranqs, dude.They're like Xanaxes." (0:57)

Dave asks Petra's woman friend, "Is that a joint?"
"Can you get a joint?" (1:05)

Dave tells Jim, referring to the builders, "I'm gonna... get them real drunk." (1:11)

Lauren tells Jim, referring to Dave's behavior, "It's probably a defense mechanism." (1:12)

Jim tells Dave, "... you're definitely acting like a... idiot right now."
"You are a... idiot." (1:20)

Jim tells their dad's friend John, "I'm confused." (1:24)