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Baby Boom

Diane Keaton, Sam Shepard, Harold Ramis, Sam Wanamaker, James Spader, Pat Hingle, Britt Leach, Linda Ellerbee, Mary Gross, Beverly Todd, Angel David, Victoria Jackson, Dori Brenner, John Philbin, Katherine Borowitz, Chris Noth
diazepam | Valium
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Management consultant J.C. tells her executive romantic partner Steven, “Look, there is nothing in the world to be uptight about.” (0:19)

The delivery man asks J.C. “... and a bottle of Valium?” (0:26)

J.C. tells her boss Fritz, “I’m a maniac.” (0:36)

A nanny applicant tells J.C., “... three weeks ago I suffered a nervous breakdown. You see, my father he tried to commit suicide, and when I came home I found him at the bottom of the stairs. My mother was drunk, and she accused me of trying to kill him.” (0:37)

J.C. overhears one mom ask another, “What about Friday, after violin, but before his shrink?” (0:45)

J.C. tells plumber Boone, “I am going nuts.” (1:06)

J.C. faints. (1:07)

Dr. Cooper tells J.C., “You passed out, and Mr. Boone brought you here to my office.”
J.C.: ”I fainted?”
“I never fainted before, doctor.” (1:07)

Cooper asks J.C.,”Are you this nervous around all men, or is it just me?” (1:15)

J.C. tells Cooper, “...I’m really not in the mood for idle conversation... ‘cause I’m not one of your little students who’s going to faint every time you say hello.” (1:18)

J.C. asks Cooper, “Do you remember that night at the library when you asked me if all men made me nervous...”
”I think that all men make me nervous, except you.” (1:30)