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Baby Doll

Karl Malden, Carroll Baker, Eli Wallach, Mildred Dunnock, Lonny Chapman, Rip Torn
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His young wife Baby Doll asks cotton gin owner Archie Lee, “Do you know what they call such people? Peeping Toms.” (0:04)

Physician John tells Archie Lee, “You look mighty nervous to me.”
Archie Lee: ”I’m not nervous.”
Nurse: “He’s gonna give you a prescription.”
John: “Archie Lee, all I think you need is some kind of a little harmless sedative.” (0:17)

Archie Lee tells Baby Doll, “I gotta wait for my prescription.”
”Baby Doll, I gotta wait down here for my prescription.”
Baby Doll: “Your prescription?” (0:18)

Baby Doll asks a mover, “Are you crazy?” (0:20)

Baby Doll tells gin owner Silva, “But I get so depressed going through all them empty rooms.”
”The fire broke out and lit up the whole sky with crazy shadows.”
”I was in such a worn out nervous condition I cried. Finally, I took two teaspoons of paregoric.”
”Well, you make me nervous.”
”Because you make me feel kind of hysterical, Mr. Vacarro.” (0:43)

Archie Lee tells Silva, “Don’t get hysterical.” (0:58)

Baby Doll tells Silva, “I like old people. They’re crazy.” (1:01)

Baby Doll: “Mr. Vacarro, I know that’s you, and you’re making me very nervous.” (1:11)

Baby Doll tells Silva, “I’m crazy about pot liquor.” (1:39)

Reference in Pink Flamingos