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Back to the Future Part II

Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Thomas F. Wilson, Elisabeth Shue, James Tolkan, Jeffrey Weissman, Casey Siemaszko, Billy Zane, J.J. Cohen, Charles Fleischer, E. Casanova Evans, Jay Koch, Charles Gherardi, Ricky Dean Logan, Flea, Jason Scott Lee, Elijah Wood
Michael Jackson | lithium | Ronald Reagan | Vincent van Gogh
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Doc tells Marty, “It's just a sleep-inducing Alpha rhythm generator.” (0:05) 

Doc tells Marty, referring to Biff, “He's got a few short circuits in his Bionic implants.” (0:10)

Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan on television. Jackson’s Beat It plays in the background. (0:12)

Doc tells Mary, “They'll have us committed.” (0:25)

Policewoman: “Nothing but a breeding ground for tranks, lobos and zipheads.”
She tells Jennifer, “You got a little tranked, but I think you can walk.” (0:27)

Computer voice: “Lithium mode on.” (0:32)

Marty tells the others, referring to Jennifer, “She's in one of those moods I guess.” (0:33)

Van Gogh’s self portrait on the screen. (0:36)

Old Jennifer and young Jennifer swoon when they see one another. (0:37)

Doc tells Marty, referring to Jennifer, “The disorientation will help convince her that it was all a dream.” (0:39)

Red calls Marty, “Crazy drunk pedestrian.” (0:43)

Television announcer: “Learn the history of the Tannen family, starting with his great grandfather Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen, fastest gun in the west.” Thugs knock Marty out. (0:44)

Biff asks Marty’s mother, Lorraine, “Your idiot son Dave?” (0:48)

Marty searches the cemetery until he finds his father’s grave. (0:50)  

Doc tells Marty, “I went to the public library to try to make sense out of all the madness.” (0:51)

Newspaper headline: “Emmett Brown Committed”
”Crackpot Inventor Declared Legally Insane. (0:54)

Biff tells Marty, referring to Marty’s father George, “He said, ‘Some day a crazy wild-eyed scientist or a kid may show up asking about that book.’” (0:58)

Biff tells Marty, “A suicide’ll be nice and neat.” (1:00)

Doc tells Marty, “Jennifer and Einie will be fine, and they will have absolutely no memory of this horrible place.” (1:02)

Doc tells Marty, “There are now two of me here, and there are two of you here.” Autoscopy? (1:03)

Old Biff tells young Biff, “It’s ‘leave,’ you idiot.”
”One day a kid and a crazy, wild-eyed old man who claims to be a scientist is going to come around asking about it.” (1:08)

Lorraine: “Marty, why are you so nervous?” (1:18)

Marty: “Talk about deja vu.” (1:22)

Marty suffers a closed head injury when a door hits him. (1:28)

When he realizes Marty has come back from the future Doc faints. (1:42)

Back to the Future

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