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Bad Acid

Freddie Dingo, Dave Howarth, Peter Steele, Bill Zebub
lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | mescaline
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Narrator Bill: “Are we crazy...?” (0:00)

Walter: “I never tripped before.”
Friend: ”Acid is like a laughing potion.”
Walter: ”I don’t want to be an idiot for like 8 hours.”
Bill: ”When you take acid you see the secret hilarity of the universe... Acid makes you see it.” (0:00)

Friend: “I’m never trippin’ in the daytime again.”
”I’m gonna freak out.”
Bill: “Don’t freak out.”
Friend: “We just have to keep our minds off trippin’.”
”I betcha... gonna go psycho when they arrest us. We look like we’ve been trippin’.”
”I don’t want to be tranquilized.” (0:04)

Bill: “When I looked in the side view mirror to check if it was okay to merge onto the highway I couldn’t trust my memory when I looked away.” (0:08)

Bald: “I freaked out.”
Bill: “What do you mean you freaked out?”
Friend: “So I guess when it went off my tripping friend thought it was a police dispatcher.” (0:10)

Bill: “I never tripped like this before. I’m never buying acid from that street corner again.”
”Can you just imagine how horrible it would be in jail on acid and tripping?”
Friend: “They're gonna find acid in his body when they do the autopsy.” (0:11)

Narrator: “I had to go do my radio show... still tripping a little bit.” (0:12)

His friend tells Bill, “I agree to give you a ride to the radio station if you gave me some drugs.”
Bill: “It’s mescaline. It’s better than pot. Pot makes you stupid.”
”Why smoke pot and ruin your lungs...?”
Friend: “I don’t smoke pot.”
Bill: “I thought you were mad that I didn’t get you pot.”
Friend: “I don’t smoke pot.”
”I bet this is better than a pot brownie. This is gonna give me better munchies than a pot brownie.”
”Mescaline is not better than pot.”
Bill: “You’re trippin’.”
”Just do what you do when you smoke too much pot.” (0:15)

Narrator: “A lot of people think that hallucinogenic substances make you hallucinate, but that really only happens if you take a large dose... I personally only stick to low doses because I like the later phase of the trip. Hallucinations can be scary, especially if you don’t know why you’re having them. I didn’t know that that idiot put all those drugs into the brownie, so I just assumed that I was having my first acid flashback.” (0:18)

Bill tells a woman, “I think I’m having an acid flashback.” (0:19)

Isabelle tells Bill, “I am so drunk.”
Bill: “I’m not gonna... if you’ve got a hangover in the morning.” (0:23)

Narrator: “So I left the girls’ house tripping my balls off.” (0:30)

By telephone Metallic Angel tells a publicist, “Hi psycho...” (0:31)

Narrator: “The telephone girl couldn’t make it but she had a friend take me, and that girl had given me a few doses when we were in the car. The thing about acid is tolerance builds up very fast, so if you take one hit today, you’ll need to take two hits tomorrow, and so on... You never really know how strong the dose you’re taking is. It’s not like it’s a prescription drug or anything, so you might think you’re taking three doses when instead you’re taking 16.”
Party girl: “Do you have any acid?” (0:32)

Narrator: “Acid makes you very susceptible to suggestion. You can say hey, look at that dead bird in the sky, and anyone who’s on acid will look.”
Wall poster: “Kill Bill
Bill hallucinates sharks in the bathroom.
”... but if you’re tripping hard...”
Kaleidoscope images.
Girls in cemetery dancing. (0:34)

A girl tells Axeman, “You... pervert... pervert.” (0:39)

Bill asks Metallic Angel, “If I’m a lying why are you so nervous?” (0:41)

Narrator: “I was going to have sex on acid.” (0:50)

Narrator: “... as I was walking home the police arrested me, and that’s when the acid started kicking in. By the way, acid sometimes makes you see people as cartoons.”
”... I was in jail tripping...” (0:52)

Bill tells Walter, “All I have to do is... see a... shrink.”
Walter: “Dude, that would drive me nuts.”
“What if it’s a... DWI?”
Bill: “DWI? It can’t be a DWI.” (1:00)

Bill in session with “Court-Appointed Psychologist”: “I wasn’t crazy, so I didn’t see any point in going to see a court appointed psychologist for a year... I actually got some great answers from that shrink.”
Psychologist: “LSD doesn’t damage chromosomes.”
”LSD’s completely metabolized...”
Bill: “So, how does a person get flashbacks? I heard LSD’s stored in the fat...”
”Psychologist: “Like I said, LSD is completely broken down...”
Bill: “The flashbacks aren’t real?”
Psychologist: “Flashbacks are real, but they’re mental, not chemical.”
Bill: “That posttraumatic stress disorder stuff?”
Psychologist: “They’re triggered by something being similar to what happens during a bad trip. I understand that a bad trip can be worse than Vietnam.”
Bill: “Especially if you’re in Vietnam and tripping on acid at the same time. So is it true that if you trip more than five times you’re legally insane?”
Psychologist: ”An LSD experience has been compared to a psychotic episode.”
Bill: “But what about the people who are permanently tripping, who never come down?”
Psychologist: “However, if the person is developing the signs of schizophrenia, LSD will shorten the time that it takes.”
”Let’s step away from your drug use for a little while.” (1:01)

Walter asks Bill, “So you’re never going to trip again?”
Bill: “Nope, and as much as I hate to admit it, I needed to see that shrink.”
Walter: “... don’t work, and neither does rehab.”
Bill: “I’m not an addict... I’m planning to trip again...” (1:08)

Narrator: “And that’s the last time I tripped.” (1:11)

Girl dancing in cemetery. (1:11)