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Bad Boys

Sean Penn, Esai Morales, Clancy Brown, Alan Ruck, Ally Sheedy
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Mick O’Brien strikes a man on the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:03)

Paco Moreno opens a case full of drugs. (0:05)

His girlfriend J. C. Walenski tells Mick, "I had this dream that you went away."
”... there you were lying in this coffin...”
Mick: ”You have the strangest dreams.”
”Don’t dream.” (0:13)

Paco and his gang sort drugs. (0:15)

Theater marquee: "Halloween II" (0:19)

A judge tells Mick, "Your previous record of arrests is extensive and indicates a sociopathic personality.. committed to Rainford Juvenile Correctional Facility until such a time as your rehabilitation is complete." (0:21)

Supervisor Gene Daniels tells Mick and Terrell, "Your fellow inmates are... and mental defectives, just like yourselves..." (0:23)

Gene tells Mick and Terrell, "Gentlemen, enjoy your rehabilitation." (0:25)

His cellmate Barry Horowitz tells Mick, "Last guy that was in here with me killed himself by drinking a half a gallon of disinfectant, he liked the place so much." (0:28)

Paco’s mother grieves the death of Paco’s younger brother. (0:29)

Another inmate asks Mick, "Grass? You need some grass?"
Barry tells the inmate, ”Don’t worry about it.” (0:35)

MIck meets with counselor Ramon Herrera. (0:38)

Barry lights a joint and shares it with Mick. (0:53)

Gene tells the class, "Look, if you think of yourself as a moron, you can’t feel that good about yourself, can you?" (0:56)

His partner asks Paco, "... are you crazy?" (1:02)

Barry tells Mick, "Maybe you’ve got some kind of reading disability." (1:05)

The inmates learn of the death of former inmate Warren “Tweety” Jerome. (1:31)

Paco renders Ramon unconscious with several blows to his head. (1:49)