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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

CastNicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, Xzibit, Fairuza Balk, Shawn Hatosy, Jennifer Coolidge, Tom Bower, Brad Dourif, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Denzel Whitaker, Irma P. Hall, Shea Whigham, Michael Shannon
Year released2009
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His partner Stevie asks Police Lt. Terence, “What, are you crazy?”
”You are crazy.” (0:04)

Dr. Milburn tells Terence, “I’m gonna write you a prescription for Vicodin.” (0:04)

Terence pours cocaine from a vial onto his hand and snorts it. (0:06)

Police captain James Brasser, “From what we know, Dauta had been dealing heroin to supplement his income as a peddler. Now, I want every drug dealer, every junkie within a five mile radius...” (0:09)

Terence tells James he’s taking “Only what the doctor prescribes.”
James: ”... but I’m going to go out on a limb with you because you’ve got good instincts...” (0:10)

Terence pours cocaine on his prostitute girlfriend Frankie’s hand, then on his own, and they both snort.” (0:12)

Terence asks the pharmacist, “Can I get my prescription please?”
Security guard: “Then why you actin’ all crazy for?” (0:13)

Stevie asks suspect Dub, ”What, are you crazy?”
Dub: ”Maybe, but wasn’t but one skinny ass joint.”
Stevie: ”Yeah, well that skinny ass joint’s gonna get you back in the joint.”
Terence tells Stevie, referring to Dub, “He’s scared out of his mind.” (0:14)

Terence tells Dub, “I’m looking at some bullshit pot bust...”
”But you knew he was selling dope, though.”
Dub: “I smoke a little weed, but that’s it.” (0:15)

Terence tells police officer Armand, referring to Stevie’s report, “If it mentions marijuana, make sure it gets lost.” (0:17)

Terence tells a police officer, “Mundt, whatever drugs have been taken out of the property room, you will have a voucher, understand?“ (0:18)

Terence asks a man, “You pass drugs in that club?”
Terrence tells the girlfriend, “Somebody seen passing drugs.”
Girl: “I wasn’t passing drugs.”
Man: “I’m not a dealer.”
Terence finds a crack pipe. “Where’s the rock at? Come on, come on, who’s got the kibble?”
Girl: “You want a hit?”
She lights the pipe and shotgun’s Terence. Terrence: “Smokin’ crack.” (0:20)

Terence snorts from his hand (0:24)

Terence tells Frankie, “I need the coke back.”
”I snorted what I thought was coke. It turned out to be heroin.”
”Just get the coke.”
Terence asks Frankie’s John, “You got any illegal substances on you?”
John: “I got some coke.” (0:24)

Coffins at a cemetery for funeral service. (0:26)

Caregiver Binnie tells Armand and Terence, referring to her grandson Daryl, “He don’t get involved in drugs...” (0:30)

James, referring to Big Fate, “Did time for... narcotics...” (0:32)

Terence snorts a drug. His highway patrol officer friend Heidi tells Terence, “You’re high on dope.”
Terence: “Whatever I take’s prescription, except for the heroin.”
”Yeah, there’s times I can’t get what I need by prescription.”
”Check out your property room and see if there’s any Oxycontin or buprenorphine, Dilaudid you can sneak outta there.”
Heidi: “You’re nuts.” (0:40)

Terence snorts. (0:42)

Thug Midget asks Terence, “Are you trippin’ man?”
”You’re trippin’.”
Terence lights a joint, shares it with Midget.
Terrence: “I know he was selling heroin.” (0:46)

HIs stepmother Genevieve tells Terence, referring to his father, “‘Cause he’s going back into AA.” (0:49)

Midget tells Armand, “Break out the smoke man.”
Armand: “You flippin’ out on us Midget?”
Midget: “Your partner lit up a... blunt...”
Terence: “You saying I smoked marijuana in your presence? Cannabis?” (0:52)

Terence snorts. (0:56)

Terence tells Frankie he has brought for her “Some coke.”
”And Vicodin.” (0:57)

Terence tells an internal affairs investigator, referring to nursing home resident Antoinette, “I think she might be suffering from a little dementia.” (1:09)

Genevieve tells Frankie, “My husband is trying to quit drinking...”
”He’s gotta put up with narcotics under his nose.”
Frankie: “Oh God, it can’t be any worse than you being shit-faced on beer all the time.”
Genevieve asks Terence, “You tell her I’m shit faced all the time? (1:15)

An undercover officer tells Terence he has “Nine, ten grams of heroin...”
Terence, referring to a new scale, ”As soon as it gets here I’ll weigh the drugs...” (1:21)

Gang leader Big Fate tells Terence, “You be crazy for comin’ down here.” (1:23)

Terence tells the undercover cop, “Hey, I got the weight on that dope finally.” (1:24)

Terence tells a football player Renaldo, “You bought dope. I watched you buy dope.”
Renaldo: ”For some... marijuana, man?” (1:27)

Big Fate and his thugs laugh about a bag of heroin. Terence tells him, “Give me a cut of the uncut dope.” (1:30)

Terence shows Frankie a packet: “This is uncut dope.”
”Baby, I’ve been talking to your father a lot, and I think I’m gonna go to a meeting with him.” (1:32)

His thug lights a crack pipe for Big Fate who says, “Hey let me hit that shit.”
He offers the pipe to Terence: “You hittin’ this shit?”
Big Fate: “Hey, Midget, light the caucasian’s rock... You’re... crazy...”
Terence: “I’ll take 25% of the dope uncut.”
Thug: “Crack talkin’.”
”Hit me again with another one of them rocks.”
”It’s my lucky crack pipe.”
Big Fate: “You crazy...”
Terence: “You don’t have a lucky crack pipe?”
Big Fate: “No, I don’t have a... lucky crack pipe.”
Terence: “Then Donald, you gotta take a hit off of mine.”
Big Fate: “Lucky crack pipe.”
Terence tells gangster Dave, ”My end of the dope’s worth more than $50,000.”
Dave: “Why don’t I take all the dope?” (1:34)

Terence tells Armand, “I’m thinking these bushwhackers might have hit a crack pipe while they were there.”
Armand: “You had a vision, right?” (1:40)

Genevieve tells Terence, “Frankie’s on her way to rehab.”
Terence: “Rehab?” (1:41)

Terence snorts heroin(?) from a table top. (1:42)

Stevie tells Big Fate, referring to Terence, “He acts like he like you ‘cause he likes to get high.” (1:49)

Terence tells a man and woman, “Somebody seen passing drugs in the club.”
”So, what are we high on tonight?” (1:54)

Terence uses a credit card to arrange lines of drug powder. Bell hop Evaristo tells him, “The judge remanded me to a drug treatment program. November 14th I have a year clean.” (1:54)

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