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The Bad Seed

Nancy Kelly, Patty McCormack, Henry Jones, Eileen Heckart, Evelyn Varden, William Hopper, Paul Fix, Jesse White, Gage Clarke, Joan Croydon, Frank Cady
Sigmund Freud
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Landlady Monica tells the Penmark family, referring to her brother Reggie, “He’s the speaker at our Psychiatry Club this evening.” (0:02)

His wife Christine tells Colonel Kenneth, “I’m just not in any mood to shout hooray.” (0:04)

Monica tells Christine that Christine’s daughter Rhoda is “Not like these over-civilized little pets that have to go through analysis before they can choose an ice-cream soda.” (0:06)

Monica tells Christine, referring to handyman Leroy, “He has the mind of an 8 year old...” (0:08)

Monica tells Leroy, “I’ve thought of you as emotionally immature, torn by irrational rages, a bit on the psychopathic side, but after this demonstration I think my diagnosis was entirely too mild. You’re definitely a schizophrenic with paranoid overtones.”
”It was... the spiteful act of a neurotic child.” (0:10)

Monica tells the rest of the club, “But I did meet Freud. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them that I met Sigmund Freud.”
”Anyway, it wasn't Dr. Freud who analyzed me.”
Reggie: “And the result of the analysis.”
Emory: ”Let’s sit over there where we can get away from analysis...”
Monica, referring to serial killer nurse Allison: “That simply fascinating, paranoidal female.”
Reggie: “She did away with nine patients...”
Monica: “Now that’s an interesting psychic block.”
”Maybe if you try saying the first thing that comes into your mind, we can get at the root anxiety. Tell your story, Reggie, and Christine will associate.”
Christine: “What do you mean associate?”
”A teacher I adored died; my whole world changed and darkened.” (0:14)

Hortense tells teacher Claudia, “I’m a little drunk.”
She tells Christine, “I guess you never get a little drunk.”
”Now I’ve lost my boy, and I’m a lush.”
She grieves the loss of her son: “Oh, my poor little Claude, what did I do to you?”
”I’m drunk. It’s a pleasure to stay drunk when your little boy’s been killed.”
”I drank a half bottle of bonded corn in little sips, so I’m as drunk as I can be.” (0:36)

Monica tells Christine, “This is not another psychiatric session.” (0:45)

Christine tells Reggie, “The question that I wanted to ask you is a psychological one.” (1:03)

Christine tells her father Richard, “My landlady here is a kind of amateur psychiatrist, a devotee of Freud’s, constantly analyzing.” (1:12)

Monica introduces herself to Richard, “I’m Mrs. Breedlove, the oversized analyst.” (1:20)

Monica tells Christine, “You must have some sleeping pills.”

Christine: “I really don’t like sleeping pills.” (1:36)

Hortense tells Monica and Christine, “I know you don’t want me here, and I don’t want to be here, but I can’t stay away, so I got a little drunk and came over.”
”Drunk and unfortunate, ladies and gentlemen.”
”I’m not intoxicated in the slightest degree.”
Referring to Mr. Daigle: ”Did you tell him I was drunk...?” (1:37)

Monica tells Christine, “By the way, darling, here are the sleeping pills and the vitamins, both plainly marked.” (1:45)

Christine tells Monica, referring to Rhoda, “Now she is driving me mad.” Christine gives an overdose of sleeping pills to Rhoda then locks herself in a room. We hear a gunshot off camera. (1:51)

Emory, referring to Christine: “Monica, you know she was quite hysterical at the death of LeRoy.”
Monica tells Kenneth, “She had done it after giving Rhoda that lethal dose of sleeping pills.” (1:58)