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Bad Therapy

Alicia Silverstone, Rob Corddry, Michaela Watkins
chloroform | marijuana
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Her friend Roxy tells realtor Susan Howard, referring to her husband Nick, "I knew this was a possibility because of the fertility drugs... Therapist has to work to calm him down."
Susan: ”Oh, I didn’t know you saw a therapist.”
”No, I mean the therapist.” (0:04)

Susan: "We must have been insane not to resolve this before we got married."
Susan tells her media head husband Bob: ”She and Nick are in some kind of therapy like marriage counseling or something.” (0:07)

First psychotherapy session with psychotherapist Judy Small:
Susan, referring to her first husband: ”He fell overboard and was killed by the propeller.” (0:10)

Her daughter Louise asks Susan, "Well, then why are you seeing a shrink?" (0:15)

Bob’s coworker Reed tells Bob, referring to his partner Clarette, "... she’s freaking out about finding a new job..."
Bob: ”Marriage counseling.” (0:16)

Psychotherapy session:
Louise: ”My mom is scared to let me do anything since my father died.” (0:18)

Judy in her own psychotherapy or supervision session (0:22)

Dr. Edward Kingsley tells a psychotherapy board meeting, referring to Judy, "It was an unfortunate incident of countertransference enactment."
A board member tells another: ”You must have blocked it.”
Another board member: ”A severely narcissistic woman, unanalyzable, entirely without boundaries, but with an intact capacity for reality assessment.”
Board member: ”Except for the patient in Boston who killed himself.”
The board member tells Kingsley, ”She’s drawing you into a boundary violation.” (0:23)

Susan tells Judy, "Uh, I’m confused, because that’s not really our problem." (0:28)

Judy: "It’s not uncommon for women, especially women who tend to be controlling, to become competitive with their adolescent daughters." (0:29)

Louise tells Bob, "Mom is in a pretty shitty mood." (0:30)

Bob tells Susan, "Don’t you worry about money..."
Louise: ”I’m getting to old for the room stuff, unless you need permission from your therapist.”
Susan: ”I am trying very hard to deal with a lot of confusing... things.” (0:31)

Roxy tells Susan, "Hey, you can’t be depressed while I’m pregnant."
Susan: ”I’m not depressed.” (0:33)

Louise tells her schoolmates, "We’re such idiots." (0:35)

Louise tells her friend, referring to Judy, "She’s the marriage counselor."
Friend: ”Hey... marriage counselor.” (0:36)

In session, Susan tells Judy, ”You know, it’s crazy...”
”I’m so confused.” (0:37)

Their coworker Annabelle tells Bob, referring to Reed, "The shock was how fast he... ran..." (0:41)

Susan tells Roxy, "I’m really stressed." (0:48)

Susan, intoxicated, tells Bob, "I guess you’ll have to tell your therapist all about it." (0:49)

In a session, Bob tells Judy, "... I had the craziest dream last night." (0:51)

Judy tells her psychoanalyst, we now see is a manikin, “It’s all you analysts know how to do anyway. (0:54)

Susan tells Bob, "I want to talk to you... about the therapy."
”I want us out of the therapy.” (0:55)

Judy tells Susan, "You’re breaking your commitment to therapy."
”... you just jump into therapy, and just as quickly you just jump right out.” (0:56)

Louise tells her friend, "I hope I lose my mind."
Friend, holding a vaping device: ”I hope I go crazy and hallucinate.”
Louise: ”Your mom smokes pot?” (0:58)

Susan tells Kingsley, referring to Benjamin Price, "I did more than any therapist on earth would have done for him."
Kingsley: ”No other ethical therapist in the opinion of the licensing board.”
”I had hoped that you’d... dismantled some of those self-destructive impulses. I think you need to return to therapy.”
Judy: ”You think I need more treatment?”
Kingsley: ”If you return to New York, we can complete your therapy there.”
Judy: ”Why are you crossing boundaries yet again, Dr. Kingsley?” (1:00)

Louise tells her friend Zooey, "You know, sometimes I just wanna... fly a bike with E.T...."
Zoe: ”You wanna watch E.T.?”
Louise: ”No, I want to fly a bike with E.T.” (1:05)

Bob tells Judy, "It's just unusual when your therapist drops by you house." (1:06)

Zooey’s mother asks the girls, "Have you two been smoking marijuana?"
”It looks like you two have been smoking marijuana.” (1:08)

Susan asks Louise and Bob, "Judy Small, the therapist was in our house?"
”My therapist, our... marriage counselor...?”
Bob: ”The whole thing is so... insane.” (1:12)

Bob tells Judy, referring to Susan, "... just talk to her, and just tell her that this whole thing was insane."
Judy: ”Insane?”
Judy removes a bottle of chloroform from a jar.
Bob: ”I’m not nervous.”
Judy holds cloth wet with chloroform over Bob’s mouth. (1:17)

Pouring pills from a prescription bottle, Roxy asks Susan, "How many tranquilizers do you need?" (1:20)

Louise tells Susan, "I can tell you’re already freaking out."
Susan: ”I’m not freaking out.”
”It’s crazy how easy it is to forget how much someone means to you...” (1:22)

A construction worker tells a policeman, referring to Judy, "She’s crazy." (1:20)

Bob tells a policeman, referring to Judy, who appears ready to jump to her death, "She’s my therapist." (1:28)

Bob tells Susan, "You don’t have to worry." (1:30)

Titles: "Judy Small... received a reduction in her sentence for running a counseling group for her fellow inmates."
”Dr. Edward Kingsley survived his fall down the stairs and last year was named head of the Gotham Psychoanalytic Society.” (1:32)