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Bad Timing

Art Garfunkel, Theresa Russell, Harvey Keitel, Denholm Elliott, Daniel Massey, Dana Gillespie, William Hootkins, Eugene Lipinski, Stefan Gryff
Max Lüscher | Sigmund Freud | Otto Rank | cocaine | amphetamine
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In a recorded conversation psychoanalyst Alex tells Milena she is "Tired or drunk." (0:05)

Dr. Schneider tells Alex, referring to Milena, "But with the overdose she consumed tonight you have a very advanced toxic combination."
Alex administers the Lüscher color test to Milena. A copy of the book lies next to the test cards. (0:13)

Milena tells Alex the people are "Friends, crazy people."
"Anyway, they do crazy things."
Alex: "Could you comment on sex with crazy people?" (0:17)

Sign: "Sigmund Freud Museum" (0:18)

Alex shows photographs of Freud and Otto Rank during a lecture. (0:19)

Inspector Netusil tells Alex, "When someone rings, tells you she's going to kill herself, that isn't normal."
Alex: "No, I'm a research psychoanalyst."
Netusil: "Was your girlfriend a bit mad?"
Alex: "Mad is an expression I never use." (0:22)

Alex shows a picture of Freud and continues his lecture: "Now the guilt-ridden voyeur..."
Milena confesses to Alex, "I guess, I did get a little tipsy." (0:24)

Milena tells Alex, "That's when my brother died in an auto accident." (0:34)

Intelligence officer Col. Taylor tells Alex they "Need some up-to-date psychological reports..."
"You just work out whether either one of them is likely to sniff coke or play with little girls, or boys." (0:39)

Alex twists his hair. (0:42, 1:51)

Milena tells Alex, "Oh, a certain shrink I know." (0:47)

Milena rages. (0:59)

Seeing Alex's analysis among his belongings Milena recalls taking the color test. (1:10)

Netusil tells Alex, "Because this wasn't the first time she telephoned you threatening to kill herself." (1:14)

Alex tells Milena, "You're drunk." (1:20)

Milena asks Alex, "What do you want me to do because of that? Kill myself?"
"You drive me crazy." (1:21)

Netusil asks Alex, "Did you know that Mrs. Vognic took drugs?"
"Tests... revealed considerable traces of amphetamine in her blood.
Alex: "Amphetamine. She may have taken stimulants. She suffered at times from severe depressions. Drugs aren't so unusual, are they?"
Netusil: "Complaints were filed... for drunken and disorderly conduct."
"How do you account for... drugs, depressions?"
Alex tells Milena, "It's a little late for drunken phone calls." (1:23)

Milena, becoming hysterical, threatens Alex, "I'll throw myself out the window."
Alex: "Stop that, you crazy..." (1:29)

Milena swallows pills.
Alex tells Mirena in recorded phone conversation, "Tired or drunk."
"That's right, pissed." (1:33)

Netusil tells Alex, "While you're on your way to see whether there had or had not been a suicide." (1:37)

Alex tells Milena, "My sweet, you've been drunk before..." (1:43)

Alex tells Netusil, "One could never accuse Mrs. Vognic of an obsession with cleanliness."
Netusil: "The truth of the matter... is that... no one cares about... suicide." (1:46)