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Lambert Wilson, Franck Dubosc, Florence Foresti, Guillaume de Tonquedec, Lionel Abelanski, Jérôme Commandeur, Sophie Duez, Lysiane Meis, Valérie Crouzet
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Antoine: “I think about my life, which makes me anxious.” (0:01)

His friend Baptiste tells Antoine, “I’d rather hang myself alone.” (0:12)

Antoine: “You also learn that paper scrub caps, although of great sanitary use, make you look like a moron.” (0:19)

Yves: “Some maniacs use Quay Jean Moulin.“ (0:27)

Laurent tells Yves, “Porsche’s driving me nuts.” (0:32)

Laurent tells Antoine, referring to Olivia, “She’s completely bonkers.” (0:34)

Antoine as narrator: “Olivia was a charming girl, polite, well bred... when sober.” (0:42)

Auto mechanic Jean-Mich’ tells the others, “I’m such an idiot.”
Antoine: “You’re not an idiot.” (0:45)

Yves tells Antoine, referring to a box, “It’s drugs.” (0:50)

Yves tells Antoine, referring to Yves’ son Guillaume, “Remember to talk to him about the drugs.” (0:58)

Antoine lights a joint. (1:00)

Yves tells Antoine, referring to Guillaume, “I ask you to talk to him, and you make a dealer of him.”
Antoine: “The money was for his birthday, and this is a confiscated joint.” (1:01)

Antoine tells Olivia, “I am totally stoned.”
He offers the joint to Olivia.
Olivia, referring to Edwin: “A drunken night in London, and he’s been hounding me since.”
”Are you nuts?”
Antoine: “You mad woman.” (1:01)

Antoine tells his surgeon wife Véronique, “My prescription says I have to work on my endurance.” (1:04)

Olivia: “No more joints, Antoine... Drugs are bad.” (1:04)

Jean-Mich' tells Antoine, “We were crazy.” (1:09)

Laurent, referring to chips: ”These things are addictive.” (1:17)

Laure: “I’ve been stressed lately.”
Olivia: “We’re just morons.” (1:27)

Antoine: “Nobody was sober enough to drive...” (1:33)