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Barbie (2023)

CastMargot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, Michael Cera, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Rhea Perlman, Will Ferrell
Year released2023
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Lawyer Barbie: "This makes me emotional..." (0:07)

Tourist Ken asks Beach Ken, "Why are you getting emotional?" (0:09)

Barbie: "You’re very brave, Ken." (0:10)

Barbie tells Ken, "I’m conscious, but it’s myself that I’m conscious of..." (0:28)

Barbie punches a man in the face. (0:29)

Business man tells another, "I’m not worried about it." (0:31)

Picture of Ronald Reagan. Clip from Grease. (0:31)

A woman asks a man, "How, by calling me a lunatic?" (0:33<)

Mattel CEO: "... We sell dreams and imagination... I’m passionate..." (0:36)

A bypasser tells Barbie, "It’s anxiety." (0:38)

Barbie tells a girl, "Don't’ worry..." (0:39)

A friend tells young Sasha, referring to Barbie, "She’s crazy. Do you think she escaped from like an insane asylum?” (0:39)

Ken: "I'm trained to stand confidently right here..." (0:42)

Barbie tells the men from Mattel, "Everyone thinks I’m crazy..." (0:43)

Sasha’s Mattel worker mother Gloria tells Sasha, "I’m off early because of a crisis at work." 
Sasha, referring to Barbie: ”Thank Good they arrested that nutjob.” (0:44)

CEO of Mattel tells Barbie, "Ken isn’t something we’re worried about..." 
Barbie: ”I’m having a real Proustian flashback.” (0:46)

Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler tells Barbie, "Don’t worry..." (0:49)

Barbie: "No. That's crazy." (0:56)

Barbie tells Gloria and Sasha, ”Wait until you see my dream house.”
"These are the dream houses." (0:58)

Barbie: "... Ken... This is my dream house. It is my dream house...” 
Ken: “No, this is no longer Barbie’s dream house.”

CEO: ”... I got into this business because of little girls and their dreams.” (0:59)

Ken: "I’m so blotto-faced day-drunk right now." 
”... if it weren’t for these technicalities like MBAs, medical degrees...” 
Barbie tells Ken, ”The Barbies worked hard and they dreamed hard...” (1:01) 

Barbie: "This is the lowest I’ve ever been, emotionally and physically." (1:07)

Advertisement voice: “Okay, kids, it’s time to run out and get the new Depression Barbie... She’s going to watch the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice...”
Clip from Pride and Prejudice
”Anxiety, panic attacks and OCD sold separately." (1:07)

Allan punches a man in the face. He strikes another man in the head with his own head.
Sasha: ”They’re weird and dark and crazy...” 
Gloria: ”... I’m weird, and I’m dark, and I’m crazy.” (1:09)

Weird Barbie asks Barbie, "... Why didn’t the brainwashing work on you?" 
Barbie: ”... Either you’re brainwashed or you’re weird and ugly...” 
Barbie Video Girl: ”... You know whose dream that is?... nobody’s dream.”
Weird Barbie, referring to Barbie: “... She’s just having an existential crisis.” 

Gloria tells Barbie: ”You’re so smart.” 
”You are so beautiful and so smart...” 
”You have to answer for men’s bad behavior, which is insane... never be selfish...” 
Writer Barbie: ”... It’s like I’ve been in a dream...” 
Barbie: ”By giving voice to the cognitive dissonance required to be a woman under the patriarchy, you robbed it of its power.” (1:11)

Barbie: ”We could use a decoy Barbie who pretends to be brainwashed...” 
Sasha: ”Distract them by appearing helpless and confused.” 

Barbie: ”Then we’ll recruit the now unbrainwashed Barbies...”
Sash: ”You can tell them that you’ve never seen The Godfather.” 
Clip from The Godfather 
President Barbie: ”Ooh, are you guys watching The Godfather?” 
Ken: ”The Godfather.” 
”You’ve never seen The Godfather?” 
Gloria: ”You have to find a way to reject men’s advances without damaging their egos...”
Sasha: ”Be confused about money.” 
Ken: ”... you are so cute when you're confused.” (1:17)

Gloria tells Barbie, referring to Ken, "... He brainwashed your friends..." (1:21)

Gloria: "... Give them their dream come true..." 
”You play on their egos...” (1:23)

A Frisbee strikes Ken in the head.
More head injuries (1:27)

Allan dressed as a Barbie (1:31)

Ken: "... did these Mojo Dojo Casa Houses just get dreamier?" 
President Barbie: ”That’s because they’re dream houses...” (1:31)

Ken smacks himself in the face. (1:35)

CEO tells Gloria, "Tell me your secret dream, child." (1:38)

Sasha tells Barbie, "I’m really proud of you." (1:46)

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