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Evan Rachel Wood, Scott Speedman, Treat Williams, Kate Burton, J.K. Simmons, J. Omar Castro, David Jensen
Nick Drake | ethyl alcohol
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Janitor and probationer Jay tells the bouncer, "I can't even remember last night." (0:02)

Probation officer reads, referring to Jay, "Mr. Wheeler has continued to exhibit through a series of offenses: DUI..." (0:04)

By telephone Jay tells his wealthy father Jason he works in "... an administration position with one of the largest psychiatric hospitals out here. "
Referring to his girlfriend: "She's a nut with the work..." (0:06)

Jay tells a nearly catatonic patient, "Pretty Woman, Mr. B. Remember Pretty Woman?" (0:08)

Psychiatrist Dr. Bertleman tells Jay, "You're giving alcohol and pornography to my patients."
"They are, variously, psychotic, catatonic, manic and delusional... You will have no contact with these patients..." (0:08)

Bertleman tells newly admitted patient Daisy, "This is a psychiatric hospital. The police report says that your mother passed away..."
Daisy: "... the voices." (0:10)

Jay tells Daisy, "You're a patient."
Daisy hyperventilates. (0:12)

Jason tells Jay, referring to cigarette smoking, "I thought you quit." (0:24)

Jason tells Jay, "I don't suppose you're on the wagon." (0:25)

Another panic attack sends Daisy to the floor. (0:41)

Jay tells his parents, "I'm a janitor at a mental hospital... She's a patient." (0:41)

Jay tells Daisy, "... because... you're an escaped mental patient." (0:42)

By telephone Bertleman tells Jay, referring to Daisy, "She is quite possibly psychotic or schizophrenic."
Jay: "Besides the occasional panic attack... she's highly functional. I'm actually thinking it's a little posttraumatic stress." (0:47)

Jay tells Daisy, "God, your mother told you a lot of crazy-ass shit..."
Daisy: "My mom did tell me a lot of crazy-ass shit." (0:53)

Traveler Rita tells Jay, referring to her mother, "She has dementia." (0:58)

By telephone Bertleman answers Jay, "Contact a mental health professional." (1:07)

Jay tells Daisy, "You're driving like a crazy person."
Daisy: "I'm not a crazy person." (1:08)

Jay asks Daisy, referring to killing her mother, "Were there voices; did voices tell you to do it?"
Daisy: "The voices... told my mother things."
Jay: "You don't hear voices?" (1:09)

Jay lies across railroad tracks as though to kill himself. (1:16)

Daisy tells hospital staff, "No, it's okay 'cause i'm not crazy." (1:16)

Jay tells Bertleman, "I'm suicidal."
Bertleman: "Then I'll put you on suicide precaution."
Jay: "The voices are not in Daisy's head. They were in her mother's head." (1:16)

Bertleman: "Mr. Phelpmitter, I can't discuss another patient with you." (1:17)

Bertleman tells Jay, referring to Daisy's mother, "She was diagnosed schizophrenic with extreme paranoia..." (1:19)

Nick Drake sings Pink Moon. (1:21)