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Barry Lyndon

Marisa Berenson, Diana Koerner, Hardy Kruger, Patrick Magee, Ryan O'Neal, Leon Vitali
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Narrator, referring to Redmond Barry’s father: "... he would have made an imminent figure in his profession had he not been killed in a duel... Barry’s mother, after her husband’s death, lived in such a way as to defy slander." (0:01)

Narrator: "The tender passion gushes instinctively out of a man’s heart." (0:03)

Barry punches Corporal Toole in the head repeatedly. (0:39)

Barry reacts to the death of his friend Capt. Jack Grogan. (0:47)

Narrator, referring to Chevalier de Balibari: "... a friendly voice, a look, brought the old country back to his memory again." (1:17)

The Prince of Tübingen tells de Blibari, "If you will be patient, maybe I will pay you something another time." (1:21)

Narrator, referring to Sir Charles Reginald Lyndon and Viscount Bullingdon: "... a cripple, wheeled about in a chair... a melancholy little boy..." (1:33)

Narrator: "Lady Lyndon tended to a melancholy and maudlin temper..." (1:50)

Funeral procession for Barry’s son Bryan Patick Lyndon. (2:30)

Narrator, referring to Barry: "His mother ... and many a night when he was unconscious of her attention, saw him carried off to bed." (2:32)

Narrator, referring to Lady Lyndon: "Her ladyship, always vaporish and nervous, plunged into devotion with so much fervor that you would have imagined her almost distracted at times." (2:33)

Narrator: "In the midst of these great perplexities, Her Ladyship made an attempt to kill herself by taking poison." (2:37)

Bullingdon tells Rev. Samuel Runt and Graham, "If my mother had died, it would have been as much my responsibility as if I had poured the strychnine for her myself... My friends profess sympathy... " (2:38)