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Christopher Plummer, John Plumpis
morphine | ethyl alcohol | ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise
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Actor John: “I must be a friggin’ masochist, and God knows an egotist...” (0:06)

John: “Have you ever seen delirium tremens?... a bibulous fellow thespian had the best DTs I’ve ever seen.” (0:08)

John: "I must be having the DTs."
John, referring to his father Maurice: "Used to drag me along with him on his nightly binges... that madman." (0:12)

John: "It paid well. That's a narcotic." (0:20)

John: "Last summer they put me in a sanitorium... full of rich old boozers who were there for the express purpose of drying out." (0:29)

Frank: "In the sanitarium." (0:31)

John: "I can't understand grown men acting drunk..." (0:33)

John: "I don't remember the incident. I don't remember many things. Merciful amnesia." (0:35)

John, referring to Maurice: "Mad as a hatter." (0:42)

John: "Perchance it is tomorrow morning's hangover..." (0:57)

John: "Our last picture together was Night Flight." (1:05)

John, referring to his actor brother Lionel: "He's broke his hip twice, got hooked on morphine... I've become a first class hypochondriac, and I'm enjoying it immensely. "He's always been a hypochondriac." (1:06)

Frank: "You're worse than a drunk."
John: "Now they all know I'm crazy." (1:09) 

John, referring to Maurice: "We had to commit him to Bellevue when he was only 51. A lethal combination of absinthe and syphilis... I'm starting to get the shakes again."
Frank: "Why don't you try AA?" (1:12)