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Barton Fink

CastJohn Turturro, John Goodman, Judy Davis, Michael Lerner, John Mahoney, Tony Shalhoub, Jon Polito, Steve Buscemi, David Warrilow, Richard Portnow, Christopher Murney, I.M. Hobson, Meagen Fay, Lance Davis, Harry Bugin
Year released1991
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His agent Garland tells playwright Barton, "Don't panic."
Barton: "That's a rationalization Garland." (0:05)

Barton tells producer Ben, "I'm blocked up."
Ben: "Look, you're confused." (0:31)

Writer Bill's secretary and lover Audrey tells Barton, referring to Bill, "He'll wander back when he's sober and apologize."
"Empathy requires understanding." (0:48)

Barton tells his insurance salesman neighbor Charlie, "It's a defense mechanism."
Charlie: "Those two lovebirds next door driving you nuts?" (0:51)

Producer Ben asks Barton, "What do you think this is... Gone with the Wind... "
Referring to Bill: "The guy's a souse."
"A great souse."
"Souse" (0:56)

Audrey tells Barton, referring to Bill, "... sometimes instead of a waif, he'd have the wrestler protecting an idiot man-child." (1:03)

Barton tells Charlie, "I feel... like I'm losing my mind, like I'm going crazy." (1:21)

Detective Mastrionotti tells Barton, referring to Charlie, "... also known as Madman Mundt."
Detective Deutsch: "A little funny in the head."
Mastrionotti: "Give me a call... if you remember something that isn't totally idiotic." (1:27)

Mastrionotti reads Barton's screenplay: "We'll be hearing from the crazy wrestler..." (1:36)

Charlie (Mundt): "Heil Hitler"
Barton: "Madman Mundt?"
Mundt: "They say I'm a madman, Bart, but I'm not mad at anyone." (1:41)

Movie magnate Jack tell Barton, "And the lunatics are not going to run this particular asylum." (1:48)

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