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Basic Instinct

Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Denis Arndt, Leilani Sarelle, Bruce A. Young, Chelcie Ross, Dorothy Malone, Wayne Knight, Daniel von Bargen, Stephen Tobolowsky, Benjamin Mouton, Jack McGee, Bill Cable
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Police Detective Nick Curran, referring to lines of white powder on a mirror: “Looks like civic-minded very respectable cocaine.” (0:06)

Catherine tells Curran and police detective Moran, “I wasn’t in the mood last night.” (0:12)

Police psychologist Dr. Garner asks Curran, her former lover, “How’s the booze?”
Curran: “Haven’t had a drink in three months.”
Garner: “What about the coke?”
Curran: “I even stopped smoking.” (0:14)

Detective Andrews: “Powder was cocaine, high quality, high content... He liked his drugs...”
Lt. Walker, referring to writer Catherine: “Double major, literature and psychology.” (0:16)

Garner, introducing: “Dr. Lamott teaches the pathology of psychopathic behavior at Stanford and is also a member of the Justice Department psychological profile team.”
Lamott: “... which means that the writer had to have at least planned the crime in the subconscious, back then. Now the fact that she carried it out indicates psychopathic obsessive behavior in terms not only of the killing itself, but also in terms of the implied advanced defense mechanism.”
”You’re dealing then with someone so obsessed that he or she is willing to kill an irrelevant and innocent victim in order to place the blame on the person who wrote that book. I’m talking about a deep-seated obsessional hatred...”
Moran: “So we got a once in a lifetime top of the line loony toony...” (0:17)

Capt. Talcott: “Then she’s a crazy as you are, Curran.” (0:20)

Curran tells Catherine, referring to smoking, “I quit.”
”I told you, I quit” (0:23)

Assistant district attorney Correli asks Catherine, “You ever engage in any sadomasochistic activity?”
Moran: “Do you use drugs Ms. Tramell?”
Correli: “You ever use drugs with Mr. Boz?”
Moran: “What kind of drugs?”
Catherine: “Cocaine. Have you ever fucked on cocaine, Nick?”
Catherine: “I have a degree in psychology.”
Referring to Manny’s death: ”I loved him. It hurt.”
”You want me to take a lie detector test?” (0:26)

Catherine undergoes polygraph test. (0:29)

Catherine asks Curran, “You took a lie detector test after you shot those two people, didn’t you?” (0:31)

Lt. Walker tells Curran and Moran, “She passed the polygraph.”
”Let’s polygraph her again and ask her.”Internal Affairs Lt. Nielsen, referring to Garner, “Here comes the shrink, just in time to save her favorite patient.” (0:33)

Curran tells Garner, “You’re the shrink.” (0:38)

Walker: “I want psychological input on this.”
Moran, referring to Curran: “You’re already getting psychological input...” (0:39)

Moran tells Curran, “One dead psychology professor... He was her counselor.” (0:46)

Moran tells Catherine, referring to shootings, “They were drug buys.”
Catherine: “Noah Goldstein was my counselor my freshman year... Funny how the subconscious works.”
”Tell me about the coke, Nick. They day you shot those two tourists, how much coke did you do?”
”They never tested you, did they?”
Referring to Curran’s wife: “That’s why she killed herself.” (0:48)

Garner tells Curran, “It’s a confidential psychiatric record.” (0:51)

Curran asks Garner, “Oh, why don’t you get yourself some friendly little therapist and work out some of that hostility...?”
Referring to Nielsen: ”He didn’t buy my evaluation...” (0:54)

A detective asks Curran, referring to Nielsen, “You have any evidence that he showed your psychiatric file to anyone?”
Garner, referring to Curran: “He was sober and lucid. I asked him in my capacity as his departmental therapist about his altercation with Lt. Nielsen.”
Talcott: ”You’re going on leave, Curran, pending the outcome of a psychiatric evaluation.” (0:57)

Andrews tells Curran, “You’re on psycho leave, I mean, I’m talking to a possible wacko here.”
Curran: ”You know I’m wacko, Sam.” (1:01)

Catherine tells Curran, “You don’t want it to reflect on your personality.”
”Do you have any coke? I just love coke with Jack Daniels.” (1:03)

Curran finds Catherine snorting cocaine. (1:09)

Moran tells Curran, “I ain’t gettin’ no back pain disability retirement.” (1:24)

Garner tells Curran, referring to Dr. Myron and Dr. McElwaine, “They’ve been asked to consult with me on this psychiatric evaluation.”
Curran: “I haven’t wet my bed for a long time.” (1:28)

Garner tells Curran. “I’m a psychologist.”
Curran: “You’re a practicing psychologist.” (1:30)

Curran finds Catherine grieving the death of her lover Roxy.
”She wanted to watch me all the time.”
”Everybody that I care about dies.” (1:31)

Garner tells Curran, referring to Catherine, “She developed a fixation on me.”
”She’s handing you somebody who’s obsessed with her.” (1:39)

Moran tells Curran, referring to Garner, “She had to be nuttier than a 20 pound Christmas fruitcake.” (1:43)

Moran tells Curran, “Johnny Boz’s psychiatrist has an office on Van Ness.” (1:50)

Walker finds Curran overcome with grief after the deaths of Moran and Garner. (1:55)

Detective: “Johnny Boz’s psychiatrist says he thinks he remembers Dr. Garner and Boz meeting at a Christmas party...” (1:58)