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Basket Case

CastKevin Van Hentenryck, Terri Susan Smith, Beverly Bonner, Robert Vogel, Diana Browne, Lloyd Pace, Bill Freeman, Joe Clarke, Ruth Neuman, Richard Pierce
Year released1982
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A drug dealer tells mail sorter Duane Bradley, "I got joints and bags, Columbia smoke. I got acid blotters, rainbow, speed, downs, Seconals, Valium, mescaline, THC. I’ve got some good cocaine, Quaalude, bupes [Was buprenorphine available on the street in the U.S. at that time, or did the dealer say something else?], mephedrone, angel dust, tranquilizers, Thorazine, methadone, junk, morphine..." (0:04)

Man: "It was suicide..." (0:04)

Tenant Josephine tells Duane, referring to a former tenant, "Everyone thought she was nuts..." (0:07)

Medical record: "Patient’s name: Duane Bradley." (0:10)

Hotel tenant Casey tells Duane, "... and that crazy broad across the hall... winos pissing on my doorsteps..." (0:13)

Patient in Dr. Needleman’s waiting room: "No, the drugstore said he never should have prescribed it to me in the first place. It’s the wrong drug..."
”... It’s the second time he gave me the wrong prescription.” (0:16)

Needleman’s receptionist Sharon tells Duane, "Well I didn’t think you were a patient..." (0:17)

Veterinarian Dr. Judith Kutter tells her dinner companion, "... I like you drunk..." (0:24)

A hotel tenant tells the clerk, "... that guy above me, he’s gone crazy." (0:37)

Duane Bradley asks his formerly conjoined twin Belial, "Are you crazy?..." (0:45)

Duane appears intoxicated. (0:47)

Duane tells Casey, referring to Belial, "He always knows what I’m thinking."
Duane loses consciousness. (0:50)

Duane and Belial’s father: "After they tell me my wife died..." (0:51)

A doctor injects Belial. (0:54)

Duane and Belial’s father in an open casket (1:02)

Hotel clerk: "This isn’t a hotel, it’s a nuthouse." (1:10)

Kutter smacks Duane in the face. (1:13)

Duane asks Belial, "Is this what I have to worry about every time I find a girl I like?" (1:27)

Belial forces himself and Duane out the window. (1:28)

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