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Beasts of No Nation

brown-brown (with cocaine) | brown-brown (with heroin) | marijuana
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Agu: “Grandfather. The lights are on, but nobody is home.”
Father: ”That woman, she’s confused. God has taken her mind.”
Agu: “So she’s crazy.” (0:09)

Agu’s father tells a soldier, referring to a woman who pretends not to know them, “This woman, everybody knows she’s crazy.”
”Talk to her, you know she’s crazy in the head.” (0:21)

Agu sees soldiers shoot and kill his father and brother. (0:22)

Soldier Hope tells another soldier, “Preacher, give me the ganja.”
Preacher shares a joint with Hope.
Another soldier snorts an unidentified herbal substance. (0:47)

Agu tells child soldier Strika, “Hey, I am asking you a question, and you are not talking... Are you stupid? Why are you not talking? I am asking you a question, and you are not talking.” (0:56)

Commandant prepares an unidentified substance (presumably brown-brown) by burning it with gunpowder then snorts it before raping Agu. (1:12)

Preacher tells Agu, “I’ll give you some brown-brown... I think I’ll give you that brown-brown...”
Preacher cuts the skin above Agu’s eye and applies a brown paste. (1:14)

Agu smokes what appears to be a joint. (1:26)

Agu prepares brown-brown and snorts it. (1:39)

Agu realizes his friend and fellow child soldier Strika has died from a gunshot wound.” (1:49)

A child soldier rolls a cigarette/joint. Agu takes a joint from a soldier’s mouth and smokes. (1:51)

Commandant smokes a joint. A soldier tells him, “It’s madness, Commandant... “
“It’s madness, Commandant.” (1:54)

Agu: “I am knowing the sound of people screaming and the smell of dead bodies, and I am knowing the feeling of the brown-brown and djamba in my blood.” (2:04)