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Courtney Love, Kiefer Sutherland, Lisa Sheridan, Patricia Llaca, Steve Hedden, Ron Livingston, Norman Reedus, Daniel Martínez, Kyle Secor, Pedro Gonzalez, Georgiana Sîrbu, Rene Rubio, Sam Trammell, Alec Von Bargen, Tommy Perna
William Burroughs | amphetamine | Benzedrine | dextroamphetamine | Dexedrine | morphine | heroin
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Narrator poet Allen Ginsberg: "He knew Bill Burroughs... Bill and Joan got married..." (0:00)

Inhaler. Benzedrine? (0:02)

Editor Lucien tells Joan and Bill, referring to teacher Dave, "I wanted to get him to stop obsessing." (0:07)

Joan tells Lucien, Allen "I've been too busy to... refill my Dexedrine."
Allen: "Let me introduce you to... Benny, Joan. Joan, Benny." He hands a 35mm film can to Joan.
Joan: "Benny." She swallows some.
Lucien tells Allen, "Easy on the pederasty." (0:12)

Joan tells Lucien, "Bill can get his morphine over the counter." (0:13)

Lucien reexperiences his killing of Dave. Is it just a memory? (0:25, 0:37)

Joan tells Allen, "Bill... has that heroin conviction."
Allen: "Bill is a psychic vampire."
Allen: "I can't control my subconscious... madness went on in my head..." (0:27)

Allen asks Dave, "What is the point of fixating on Lucien..."
Dave: "Maybe I am fixating..." (0:43)

Joan tells Bill, referring to the meaning of her dream, "Well, the Freudian interpretation would be... Does the Oedipal complex get reversed for fags?" (1:05)

Bill realizes he has killed Joan. He is grief stricken. (1:12)

Lucien learns Joan is dead. He grieves. (1:13)