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Beat the Devil

Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Bernard Lee, Phyllis Isley, Robert Morley, Gina Lollobrigida, Edward Underdown, Peter Lorre
Adolf Hitler
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Billy asks the ship's purser, “... is the captain drunk?”
Purser: “Well, of course the captain is drunk.” (0:07)

Billy tells Peterson, “And I won’t, unless you ever decide to sick that knife happy little junky on me.” (0:11)

Major Ross tells Peterson and Julius, “Mussolini, Hitler, and now Peterson.” (0:41)

Harry tells Billy, referring to Billy’s wife Maria, “I’m delighted you’re still alive, but your wife is in a fainting condition.” (0:43)

Purser: “The captain is sober...” (0:44)

Gwendolen tells Billy she was in a “Sort of delirium.”
Billy: ”Now that I’m back in the flesh you’ll begin wondering about that delirium of yours.” (0:45)

Peterson tells the captain, “I’m not a hypochondriac.” (0:53)

Maria tells Harry, “You are becoming an obsession.” (0:56)

Peterson asks the purser, referring to the captain, “Do you mean to say he’s drunk?”
Billy: “We’re only adrift... with a drunken captain...”
Purser: ”But if any of you are still at all anxious...” (0:59)

Gwendolen makes up a story, ostensibly to protect her husband Harry. She tells the others, "In point of fact my husband has an illness of the mind. The medical word for it is "paranoia." On occasion he displays homicidal tendencies. Psychiatrists say it's because he believes people are plotting against him... We tried everything to cure him." (1:06)

Customs agent Ahmed smokes a hookah. (1:14)

Peterson: “Billy was crazed with fear...”(1:19)

Billy tells Ahmed, “I was just thinking that if we had a volley at the psychological moment he might not be so inclined to haggle.” (1:20)

Maria faints when she reads that Harry has survived after all. (1:28)