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Beautiful Boy

Michael Sheen, Maria Bello, Kyle Gallner, Bruce French, Austin Nichols, Deidrie Henry, Alan Tudyk, Moon Bloodgood, Cody Wai-Ho Lee, Meat Loaf
caffeine | zolpidem | Ambien
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Proofreader Kate tells author Cooper, “I can’t do caffeine in the afternoon or I won’t be able to sleep all night.” (0:03)

By telephone Kate tells her college student son Sam, “You must be studying like crazy.” (0:06)

Officials tells Kate and Bill their son Sam is dead. Official: “... he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head...” (0:13)

Kate: “It’s not him.” (0:15)

Kate’s sister-in-law Trish asks Kate and Bill, referring to Sam, “Was he depressed? Was he doing drugs?” (0:22)

Bill reads a statement on television: “Please allow us our privacy as we mourn the loss of our own son...” (0:27)

Service for Sam at a cemetery. (0:28)

Kate reads a social media message referring to Sam: “Murderer psycho killer.” (0:30)

Bill tells Kate, “Trish gave us some Ambien in case we need it.” (0:30)

Kate visits the cemetery. (0:35)

Man on television: “It’s the parents who are ultimately responsible, and we should find them, whatever rock they’re hiding under, so the grieving parents can take a crack at ‘em... and I sure as hell don’t want the little psycho going to school with one of my kids.” (0:36)

Cooper tells Kate, “The mission of addicts and religious fanatics.” (0:44)

A motel manager asks Bill, “Doesn’t matter how many times they show that kid going off, he still freaks me out, you know? He’s like Charles Manson crazy.” (0:50)

Kate cries. (0:52)

A boy calls Bill “psycho.” (1:03)

Bill tells Kate, referring to Sam, “He was depressed and irrational and angry.”
Kate: ”Well everyone gets depressed and angry, but that’s still no explanation.” (1:06)

Bill tells his boss Harry, “I’m going crazy.” (1:13)

Cooper tells Kate, “I was Jonesing for some Coco Pandas.”
“The sugar-caffeine diet.” (1:14)

Cooper asks Kate, “Was I a total idiot that time, just like a complete moronic...” (1:15)

Cooper tells Kate, “Everyone is capable of that kind of rage.” (1:20)

Bill asks his co workers if they plan to “Tell ‘um all he’s crazy too?” (1:24)

Bill tells the motel manager, referring to Sam, “I’m scared he got all that rage from me.” (1:27)

Bill finds Sam’s grave vandalized at the cemetery. (1:28)

Kate talks to Sam at his grave. (1:31)