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Beautiful Boy (2018)

Steve Carell, Timothée Chalamet, Maura Tierney, Amy Ryan, Kaitlyn Dever, Stefanie Scott, Amy Forsyth, Timothy Hutton, Andre Royo, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Jack Dylan Grazer, Julian Works, Christian Convery, Carlton Wilborn
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | cocaine | dopamine | heroin | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | methamphetamine | oxycodone-acetaminophen | Percocet
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Writer David, referring to his son Nic: “He's been doing all sorts of drugs, but he's addicted to crystal meth, which seems, uh, to be the worst of all of ‘em.” (0:01)

A rehab intake counselor tells David, referring to Nic, “He needs treatment, and fast. There's still a lot of drugs in his system, And worst of all, he's in denial..”
”... we can check him in for a 28 day treatment...”
”Look, he will have daily consultations with a staff psychiatrist and physician. We have daily NA and AA meetings.” (0:10)

David suggests to Nic that he is, “Reading misanthropes and seriously depressed writers.” (0:12)

Nic: “I think I need a little bit more time in rehab... I was wondering if I could stay in the halfway house here.”
Man: “The halfway house is an open living facility...” (0:13)

By telephone Annie Goldblum tells David, ”Relapse is a part of recovery.”
David: ”Relapse is part of recovery?” (0:15)

Nic offers David a joint.
David: “That's crazy.”
”Occasionally, from time to time, I will have a hit or two at a party...”
Nic: ”Just have a celebratory joint with your son.”
He shares the joint with David.
”Hit, hit... You did a lot of drugs, right?”
David: ”I experimented with some drugs.”
Nic: ”Dad, you worry too much.”
”It's just a little pot.” (0:17)

David tells Nic, “A couple of weeks ago you told me that you had only done crystal meth once.”
Nic tells David and David's wife Karen he always liked, ”Anything: Pot, alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine, LSD.”
David: ”And crystal meth?”
”I was worried that you were smoking too much pot. Meanwhile, you're out doing every drug on the planet...?” (0:20)

Posters behind Nick: “Recovery”
”One-step-at-a-time; one day at a time
By telephone Nic tells David that someone told him, “Don't be an idiot... It's just crazy.” (0:24)

Nic studies “safer injecting” on the internet.
He cooks a drug and injects his arm (0:30)

Nic tells David, “I want to go to a meeting.”
David: ”You've got a meeting tonight?”
Nic, referring to his brother and sister: ”They're crazy.” (0:32)

David asks Nic, “Are you using again?”
Nic: ”Am I using again?”
David: ”Are you high right now?”
”Are you high right now?”
”You're not using right now?”
”Are you using?”
Nic: ”No, Dad, I'm not... high right now.”
David: ”Relapse is a part of recovery.” (0:35)

David reads Nic’s journal: “What harm can one Percocet do?”
”The more I use, the more I do things I'm ashamed of.”
”Hard to find meth here. Scored some meth instead.” (0:37)

David tells Dr. Brown, referring to Nic, “He's been doing all sorts of drugs, but he's addicted to crystal meth...”
Brown: “So... crystal meth gives the user a feeling of instant euphoria... depletion of as much as 60% of the dopamine, the user has to up the doses... increases the compulsion to use.” (0:39)

Brown tells David, ”Meth changes the brain physically. Here we see the loss of dopamine receptors in a meth users brain... The amygdala is a region of the brain that is linked with anxiety and fear... Meth users may be unable... to participate in normal treatment programs.” (0:41)

An addict girl tells David, referring to methamphetamine, “Feels like cocaine, but multiplied by, like, a thousand.”
David, referring to her parents: ”Don't you think they're worried about you?” (0:42)

David snorts a line of an unidentified powdered drug from a mirror. (0:44)

Nic tells David, “I've got five days sober.”
”So what, then, therapy?”
”I'm attracted to craziness.”
”Mom shoulda gotten custody.”
David: ”It's the drugs talking. Psychological terror. It's what addicts do.” (0:48)

A nurse tells David, referring to Nic, “He OD'd.” (0:55)

Nic tells David, “... I'm done with drugs.” (0:56)

By telephone, David tells Nic’s mother Vicki, “So at 3:00 we have a conference call with the intake people in Mississippi...” (0:56)

Nic tells the audience, “One day I tried methamphetamine... I've been chasing that high ever since... No matter how much meth or whatever else I can find to shoot up into my body, I do, it's never enough. Went to a couple of rehabs. I detoxed... I said, ‘I'm an alcoholic and an addict.’... I'm 14 months clean. I have a job at a rehab. It's fulfilling to help other people get sober. I have a sponsor, Spencer. Shows me how great my life can be, sober.” (1:03)

David asks young Nic, “You nervous?” (1:06)

David reads to Karen,“If the marker is depleted in meth addicts brains, it's likely there is a loss of nerve terminals, And the brain damage is irreversible.” (1:08)

Nic tells David, “It was a great meeting... saw my sober sponsee bros earlier...”
David: ”Would you be okay to do a drug test?”
”By my count, 485 days clean.” (1:09)

By telephone Spencer tells Nic, “Once you get high, you lose all your choices. If you get high, you lose everything.” (1:16)

Nic tells Lauren, “I was sober for a while, but I'm seriously looking to party right now.” (1:18)

A drug dealer tells Nic and Lauren, “We have E. We have pills, man. We have E.” (1:18)

Nic drops a syringe on the table. Nick cooks his drug before injecting it in his arm. He injects Lauren. (1:18)

By telephone Vicki tells David, “You're totally crazy.” (1:23)

His son Jasper asks David, “Is Nic back on drugs again?” (1:27)

Nic tells a 911 operator, referring to Lauren, “She just OD'd.” (1:35)

Karen and David attend an Al-Anon meeting where the "three C's" adorn the wall.
Speaker: “I lost my Frances this week. She died of an overdose on Sunday... I’m in mourning...” (1:43)

Nic prepares a fix. He injects his arm among track marks. (1:45)

Vicki tells David, referring to the doctor, “ he said it's close to a miracle Nic survived with all the drugs in his body.” (1:47)

Titles: “Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50... Nic has been sober for 8 years -- one day at a time... Addiction treatment is massively underfunded and under-regulated...” (1:50)