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Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert, Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, Thomas Mann, Emma Thompson, Eileen Atkins, Kyle Gallner, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Margo Martindale, Zoey Deutch
William Burroughs
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High school student Ethan: “At first I was scared I was losing my mind... insanity’s inevitable.” (0:01)

Ethan stops at his mother’s gravestone in the cemetery. “Dad can’t leave his room since she died... Sometimes, it sounds crazy...” (0:02)

Ethan looks at his books: William S. Burroughs: Naked Lunch (0:03)

His friend Link asks Ethan, referring to LInk’s mother, “How does lovin’ Jesus make that woman so crazy?” (0:05)

Wesley gestures a pistol shot into the mouth with his fingers. (0:06)

Lena asks Ethan, “Are you nuts?” (0:08)

Ethan reads: “Some people never go crazy.” (0:11)

Emily tells Ethan, “My mama heard she’s from a mental institution...”
Wesley: “Hey, some girls are just mad dogs, son.” (0:12)

Ethan recites Bukowski to Lena, “Some lose all mind and become... insane. Some lose all mind... Some lose all mind.”
”Ever read... To Kill a Mockingbird... Ever seen the movie?” (0:19)

Ethan tells Lena, “That’s crazy.”
Ethan tells Emily’s uncle Macon, “... get three DUIs and lose my job... and then when I’m sixty-four I’ll hang myself.” (0:23)

Ethan sees his double. (0:32)

Macon tells maid Amma, “Lena was hysterical. The boy was unconscious.” (0:40)

Ethan asks Lena, “What can happen, besides getting your first hangover?” (0:45)

Macon addresses the townspeople: “For example, if I were to donate the old mill to, say, a drug rehabilitation center.” (0:48)

Her grandmother Emmaline tells Lena, referring to Lena’s cousin, “Ridley was just telling stories to get your rage going...” (1:02)

Macon tells Lena and Ethan, referring to ancestor Genevieve, “And in her madness, in her grief, she...” (1:11)

Ethan tells Lena, “I have been chased, spun, hypnotized, paralyzed... I’ve been going out of my mind...” (1:18)

Ethan tells Lena, “You’re just stressed.” (1:24)

Ethan tells Amma, referring to Lena, “Emily’s mom said she was in a mental institution.” (1:37)

Macon dies. Lena grieves. (1:48)

Link asks Ethan, “Is it alright if we go see my mom at the sanitarium?” (1:55)