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A Beautiful Life (2011)

Qi Shu, Ye Liu, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Liang Tian, Danying Feng, Rina Sa
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Real estate agent Li, intoxicated, tells her lover Andrew, "They bought devilish alcohol because of you." (0:02)

Li tells a woman friend, "Good. I'm sober." (0:03)

Policeman Fang asks Li, "Are you drunk miss?" (0:04)

Fang asks Li, "Are you drunk?"
"You're drunk." (0:07)

Hookah in a bar. (0:14)

Fang: "You told me when you were drunk."
Li: "I was drunk?" (0:19)

Fang tells Li, "You're drunk again." (0:22)

Fang tells Li, "You call me that when you're drunk." (0:25)

Her lover Andrew asks Li, "Are you crazy?" (0:39)

Xiaowan's mother tells the others, "We're poor and my daughter is a mute."
Fang, referring to artist and clown Zhencong: "My brother has communication issues." Does he suffer from an autism spectrum disorder? Savant?
Xiaowan's mother: "She says she's not mute in Zhencong's world." (0:45)

Fang tells intoxicated Li she has drunk "Just too much alcohol."
Li: "Even a mute is wanted, but not me." (0:52)

Fang finds Li drunk. He writes a note to her: "Alcohol is bad for you." (0:57)

Hookah on bar. (0:59)

A doctor tells Fang an old head injury is "affecting your memory..."
"Maybe you'll forget everything." (1:03)

Fang's blind friend tells Li, "Zhengdong has cerebrovascular dementia." (1:18) Is the history consistent with multi-infarct dementia or Dementia Due to Head Trauma?

Fang tells Li, "The doctor said it's a type of dementia." (1:23)

Zhencong and Li find Fang after he has suffered a head injury. (1:52)