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Because I Said So

CastDiane Keaton, Tom Everett Scott, Lauren Graham, Mandy Moore, Piper Perabo, Gabriel Macht, Stephen Collins, Neil Hopkins, Colin Ferguson, Tony Hale
Year released2007
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Her mother Daphne tells caterer Milly, “That, You know, when you’re insecure, you’re self-conscious, that little very loud nervous laugh.” (0:02)

Daphne’s daughter Mae tells Daphne, referring to Daphne’s underwear, “They're just kind of depressing.” (0:07)

Daphne, referring to Milly’s suitor Rafferty: “I thought we got rid of that pathologically ambivalent narcissist three years ago...”
Milly: “I’m an idiot, okay?”
Daphne tells her daughter Maggie, “You’re the psychologist in the family...I swear, with men, she's like psychotic flypaper... They’re... out of their minds.”
Mae: “That is so Fiddler on the Roof.”
Maggie: “I think you're fixating on her to avoid dealing with this very big birthday you have coming up. ”
Daphne: ”I am not fixating on her. Is it crazy for me to want her to have one healthy relationship in her life?” (0:09)

Daphne: “Let me preface the sad by saying if you are a nut job, pervert or fruit cake, move on... Anarchists, xenophobes, Philistines, masochists, sexists, bigots not welcome. ” (0:13)

Daphne: “So why don't you just free associate, okay? “ (0:14)

Iris tells Daphne, “I'm a licensed psychologist, and I wanted to offer you my services. “ (0:16)

Daphne tells guitar player Johnny, “I don't think I can get through another one of these without being heavily medicated.”
”I mean, actually, I consider myself a reasonably sane mother.”
Johnny: “Well, yeah, it is a crazy love, though. “ (0:16)

Architect Jason tells Daphne, “Well, I'll admit I'm a bit of a workaholic.”
”But it's a crazy time for me right now.” (0:18 )

Maggie conducts a psychotherapy session. Patient Stuart: “It made me want to kill myself, even more than last the last time. ” (0:27)

Daphne tells her dog Cooper, “... and then we're gonna go home and finish watching Gary Cooper in Love in the Afternoon.” (0:32)

Johnny tells his son Lionel, “Go crazy.” (0:43)

Milly tells Jason, “... I've been so stressed...” (0:49)

Johnny tells Milly, referring to Lionel, “Look, I know he can be a lot, and it gets a little crazy around here sometimes.” (0:50)

Milly tells Maggie, referring to Johnny, “They've been through so much, though, with Lionel’s mom, like, freaking out and splitting when he was so young. “ (0:52)

Milly tells Daphne, “You are making me crazy, and you're never going to change ‘cause you don't even know when you're doing it.”
Maggie tells Mae and Milly, referring to Daphne, “You guys, the last time I had her at my house, Derek and I were in therapy for two months.” (1:00)

Milly reads to Daphne, “They say dogs get disoriented when they get debarked.”
Milly tells Daphne, “It's not like being drunk.” (1:02)

Daphne’s note to Milly: “Don't tell your sisters I asked.” (0:05)

Daphne gestures a pistol shot to the hand with her hand. (0:07)

Jason tells Milly, “‘Cause you were so nervous you laughed like a hyena and that beautiful polka dot dress of yours.” (1:17)

Stuart tells Maggie, “But I'm suicidal.”
”And it's making me want to jump out the window.”
Milly: “Stuart, for 10 years my sister has sat here and told me that you're about to commit suicide.” (1:18)

Daphne asks Johnny’s father Joe, referring to Milly, “How can I be happy if she's not happy?” (1:22)

Johnny tells Daphne, “You are truly insane.” (1:29)

Johnny tells Milly, “Even before I met you, I had an instinct about you.”
”And I love that you have this insane way of talking in circles that makes perfect sense.” (1:31)

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