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Becky Sharp

CastMiriam Hopkins, Frances Dee, Cedric Hardwicke
Year released1935
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Pitt asks the others, "Have you lost your minds?" (0:15)

Pitt’s Aunt Julia Crawley: "I know I shall get the vapors." (0:20)

Becky tells her new husband Rawdon, referring to her parents, "When he beat her, and when I begged him, ‘Daddy, Daddy, don’t strike her, strike me!’... he struck me." (0:26)

Rawdon asks Becky, "Are you out of your mind?"
Becky: ”Yes, I'm crazy for joy.” (0:30)

Becky’s friend Amelia’s husband George: "How perfect your instincts are, Becky." (0:36)

Becky tells Lord Steyne, "Oh, milord, I get drunk so easily." (0:39)

Amelia visits a memorial to George. (0:47)

Becky asks the others, referring to a merchant, "Is the man mad?" (0:50)

Rawdon: "But how can I help worrying, Becky?" (0:53)

Becky asks Pitt, "Yes, why should I tell you that I need 500 pounds at once or else I'll kill myself?" (0:57)

Amelia: "Jos, you're drunk."
Joseph: ”Drunk? I, drunk?” (1:17)

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