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Behind the Candelabra

Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Rob Lowe, Debbie Reynolds, Dan Aykroyd, Scott Bakula, Paul Reiser, Nicky Katt, Tom Papa, Deborah Lacey
amyl nitrite | fenfluramine | Pondimin | methamphetamine-amphetamine-dextroamphetamine | Obetrol | methaqualone | Quaalude | Scott Thorson
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Pianist Liberace tells his dog handler friend Scott, referring to his protege Billy, “It’s just he’s drinking heavily.” (0:19)

Liberace tells Scott, “I don’t want to see you depressed.” (0:35)

Liberace uses poppers. (0:37)

Liberace tells Scott, watching himself on The Tonight Show, “I look like my father in drag. I look like my father in Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte!” (0:43)

His friend Bob tells Scott, “That’s what they tell drag queens when they’re born.”
Scott: ”Won’t it be weird looking in a mirror and not recognizing myself.” (0:45)

Plastic surgeon Jack Startz tells Scott, “And one of these is a prescription for my own special diet pill.” (0:49)

Prescription bottles on a counter: One is labeled “Quaalude.” (0:50)

Prescription bottles on a counter: “-imin (probably Pondimin), “Obetrol” (0:51)

Scott tells his foster mother Rose by telephone, “With Lee’s schedule, well it’s just been so crazy.” (0:51)

Liberace tells Scott, referring to Startz, “You stop taking those pills... He’s got some people addicted, I hear. I mean you’re getting too thin; you’re always in a mood.” (1:00)

Startz tells Scott, “There are no studies that show it’s addicting.” (1:03)

Liberace learns of the death of his mother Frances. Funeral for Frances. (1:05)

Scott asks Liberace, “Are you out of your mind going to a place like that?”
”Are you out of your... mind?”
Liberace: “It’s like a drug... like when you need a stronger fix each time.”
Scott: ”Crazy old queen.” (1:09)

Scott snorts cocaine from a mirror. (1:12)

Liberace asks Scott, “Are you stoned?”
”Because you’re always stoned, and you can’t get it up.”
”Are you insane?”
”You’re being paranoid, Scott, because of that shit.” (1:18)

Joe by telephone: “Rose passed away this morning, Scott.” (1:24)

Liberace’s entertainer friend Cary tells him, “My mom wants On Golden Pond to win everything.” (1:25)

Scott cries. (1:27)

Scott’s friend Mr. Y snorts cocaine. (1:31)

Liberace’s agent Seymour tells private investigator Tracy, “Also, if possible, we’d like you to convince Scott to admit himself to a hospital for treatment at our expense.”
They find Scott snorting cocaine. (1:32)

His attorney tells Scott, “You’re a drug addict.” (1:41)

Memorial service for Liberace. (1:49)