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Being Flynn

Robert De Niro, Paul Dano, Julianne Moore, Olivia Thirlby, Lili Taylor, Wes Studi, William Sadler, Dale Dickey, Thomas Middleditch, Chris Chalk
Jackson Pollock | cocaine | crack cocaine | marijuana | morphine | John Hughlings Jackson
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Aspiring writer and ex-con Jonathan calls his son Nick after 18 years of separation. (0:10)

Nick tells Jonathan referring to Nick's mother Jody's death, "Wasn't an accident. She left a note." (0:15)

Handing Nick a painting Jonathan tells him, "This is an original Jackson Pollack."
Jonathan, referring to Nick's roommates: "A homosexual and a black pothead?"
Nick reads from a rejection letter written by a publisher to Jonathan: "Unfortunately, it's dosage would kill hardier readers than we have here."
Jonathan: "You need anything... aside from the Pollack?" (0:16)

Nick tells his roommate Ivan, "It's a... Jackson Pollack painting."
Ivan: "Pollack spelled his name wrong when he signed it." (0:18)

Nick tells his homeless shelter worker friend Denise, "So then he gives me a... Jackson Pollack painting... He's a homophobe, and he's... crazy." (0:18)

Nick, referring to coworkers: "Joy was an ex-cokehead... Unfortunately, in a couple years, she'll be... back to dealing and smoking crack 24/7... Friday the drunks are more boisterous" (0:23)

Nick tells Denise, "You didn't tell me this place was such a rush."
Denise: "It's addictive." (0:24)

Jonathan: "Perhaps I'll start a new book: Memoirs of a Moron. Memoirs of a... Moron. Memoirs of a... Moron." (0:28)

Nick reads from his work log: "The skin of a drunk splits open easily." (0:29)

Denise reads: "Loaded, I'd say. Wasted, looped, lit, off my ass, befuddled, reeling, tanked. Punch drunk, mean drunk, maintenance drunk, sloppy drunk, happy drunk, weepy drunk, blind drunk, dead drunk. Serious drinker, hard drinker..."
"Polluted, blitzed, shattered, zonked, ossified, annihilated, fossilized, stinko, blotto, legless, smashed, soaked, screwed, blasted, hammered, tore up, ripped up, ripped, destroyed." (0:32)

Nick's roommate Richard asks Ivan, "Just weed, right?"
"You're only selling weed, right?"
Ivan: "Yeah, just weed." (0:44)

Nick reads a letter from Jonathan: "I must say you seemed anxious. Of course writers... are particularly prone to madness."
"There exists a striking association between creativity and manic depression." (0:47)

Jonathan tells another resident, "Most of these guys here are a bunch of... pederasts. These perverts, they wouldn't last a second in federal prison. They're all homosexuals. I despise homosexuals, and they despise me." (0:48)

Nick asks Ivan, "Hey, uh, you're not just selling weed, right?"
Nick snorts lines of cocaine from a mirror through a straw." (0:50)

Nick asks Denise, "Hey, you wanna do some blow?"
Denise: "I despise blow." (0:51)

Staffer, referring to Jonathan's behavior: "It kind of freaked me out..."
Nick: "That it freaked you out?" (0:53)

Jonathan tells Nick, "Eano the Beano tells me you're into drugs."
Nick: "Find... some old drinking buddy who's suicidal enough to take you in." (0:55)

Nick: "I can't stand to be in the shelter where my drunken Jack-in-the-box can appear at any moment."
Nick tells a staffer, "No, that guy's just a drunk." (0:56)

Denise tells Nick, "Because you're drunk..."
Nick: "I'm not drunk." (0:59)

Nick approaches men smoking crack: "Can I have a hit?"
Man: "Smoke crack before?"
"I haven't left the pipe for three days."
Nick smokes crack. (1:02)

After writing a note to Nick, Jody takes a revolver and closes a door behind her. Nick finds her lifeless body. (1:04)

Denise tells Nick, "I had a brother who was an addict." (1:39)

Jonathan: "My masterpiece: Memoirs of a Moron." (1:09)

Nick attends a meeting. "Hey, welcome. My name's Joey, and I'm an addict."
Member: "I was 11 when I got high for the first time..."
Member: "Well, I woke up one morning in Paris... and I'd completely forgotten that I'd flown a 747 full of people the night before."
Member: "I doused my hand in lighter fluid and lit it on fire, just to get the morphine." (1:10)

A homeless woman tells Nick, referring to a garage owner, "He's a freakin' psycho..." (1:13)

Meeting: "My name is Joey, and I'm an addict." (1:15)

Jonathan tells Nick, "I was mugged here once by a bunch of... drug addicts." (1:17)

Jonathan tells Nick, "So that's the story you tell, of why your mother killed herself."
"No one kills themselves because they read a story... The reason people commit suicide is because they don't like themselves."
"Of course, maybe the question isn't why she killed herself like she did, but why she chose to stick around as long as she did." (1:20)

Nick's students in unison: "A metaphor."
Nick: "A metaphor." (1:26)

Jonathan tells Nick, "... young girls being raped by these... pederasts... these cretins, these homos."
Nick reads Jonathan's manuscript: "Clink, clink, clunk. I think that I am drunk." (1:28)