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Being the Ricardos

Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem, J. K. Simmons, Nina Arianda, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat, Jake Lacy, Clark Gregg
Judy Garland | Rita Hayworth
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Producer Jess Oppenheimer: "Let’s go crazy and say 15..." (0:01)

Actor Desi Arnaz tells his actor wife Lucille Ball, "I was passed out a lot of that time."
Lucy: ”Well, then, you’re an idiot.” (0:03)

Actor Vivian Vance tells actor William Frawley, "No, imbecile..."
”Are you drunk?”
William: ”... you do not want me to read this sober.” (0:06)

Lucy tells the others, "My father died when I was very young." (0:08)

Vivian tells William, "It wasn’t confusing." (0:11)

Madelyn Pugh: "Too Many Girls... an even worse movie."
”Lucy... was still in the middle of shooting Dance, Girl, Dance...” (0:18)

Desi asks Lucy, "Why are you playing the second female lead in Too Many Girls?" (0:25)

William tells Desi, "It’s madness."
Desi: ”Are you out of your mind?”
William: ”... madness.” (0:28)

Lucy reads to Vivian from a newspaper, "If neighbors hear screams of rage..." (0:32)

Lucy tells Jess, "... instead, I think Broadcast Standards and Practices will give you a list of insane restrictions..." (0:40)

Lucy tells Desi, "That was true, you idiot..." (0:44)

Vivian tells William, "The dinner scene, you drunken yontz." (0:55)

Desi tells Lucy, "I think you’re having a little bit of a breakdown." (0:57)

Lucy answers Vivian, "Because I think you should get off this luny diet you’re on."
Vivian: ”Don’t worry about it.” (0:59)

William tells Lucy, "Desi and I have a deal that I won’t be drunk at work. Have you ever seen me drunk at work?"
Referring to Desi: ”He’s mesmerized by you, Lucille.”
Lucy: ”I navigate male egos for a living...” (1:03)

Madelyn, referring to Lucy: "She was gonna compete for roles with Crawford, Hayworth. Might’ve been Lucy in All About Eve." (1:06)

Lucy tells Desi, "I got the part, Des, The Big Street."
Desi: ”You said it was going to Rita Hayworth.”
Lucy: ”I got the female lead in The Big Street.”
”Rita Hayworth had scheduling problems.”
”If The Big Street is a hit, I’ll be getting the roles that go to Rita and Judy and Bette.”
”Rita Hayworth is Wally Pipp... The Big Street is the Yankees.”
Desi: ”I understood the metaphor so long ago.” (1:07)

Movie posters: Top Hat,” "Suspicion," “Stromboli,” “Swing Time (1:10)

Lucy tells producer Charles Koerner, "Keep putting me in pictures like The Big Street, you won’t hear it again."
The Big Street was a hit.”
Koerner: ”This has nothing to do with your performance in The Big Street.”
”You came through for us when Judy Holliday and Rita Hayworth were on other pictures... they’ll loan us... Hayworth.” (1:11)

Lucy tells Desi, "I’m drunk, too."
Desi: ”You know, Bataan was a hit, too”
Bataan was a hit.” (1:14)

Madelyn tells Lucy, "Anything Goes was a hit."
”... let’s unnecessarily add more to what you’re worried about this week.”
Lucy: ”I’m not worried...”
”I’m not worried.”
Madelyn: ”This is a crazy week.”
Lucy: ”Then I question your comedy IQ.” (1:23)

William tells Vivian, referring to Lucy, "She’s drunk..." (1:33)

Howard Wenke tells Lucy, "I’m confused."
Lucy: ”Don’t panic.” (1:40)

Lucy tells Desi, "I’m not an idiot." (1:49)

Lucy tells Desi, "Don’t gaslight me." (1:59)