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Belle de Jour

Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, Michel Piccoli, Geneviève Page
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The film opens with Séverine's sadomasochistic fantasy. (0:00)

Their friend Renée tells Séverine and her doctor husband Pierre, “I’d love to see the mesmerizer.”

Pierre: “A mesmerizer isn’t a hypnotist... A hypnotist plunges you down into the depths.” (0:07)

Pierre tells his friend Henri, “You should see a specialist about your obsessions.” (0:10)

Pierre tells Séverine, referring to prostitutes, “You spend half an hour alone with her, and after you leave you’re depressed all day.” (0:15)

Séverine asks Henri, “Are you crazy?”
Henri: “A ‘cute compulsion,’ as the English say.” (0:17)

Madame Anaïs tells Séverine, “You’re just a bit nervous.” (0:22)

Madame Anaïs tells Séverine, “You look a bit nervous.” (0:26)

Adolphe asks Séverine, “You in a bad mood?” (0:31)

Séverine’s masochistic fantasy. (0:38)

Charlotte and the professor engage in sadomasochism. (0:43)

Séverine pretends to be dead in an open coffin. “Now you lie there, mute and motionless.”: (0:53) 

One thug tells another, “You’re crazy.” (1:00)

Hyppolite tells Marcel, “You behaved like an idiot...”
Hyppolite tells another thug, “The snow.” (1:10)

Séverine tells Henri, “I’ll jump out the window.” (1:18)

Séverine tells Marcel, “You’re crazy.” (1:25)

One doctor tells another, referring to Marcel, “Either he shot the wrong guy, or he was crazy.”